The Dining Room.

I was going to post about my wine cellar next, but I’m having a bit of trouble finding pictures of what I’m looking for. So up now, the dining room.

There will be lots of windows and doors to let the light shine in.


I imagine a big, light, solid wood table, with lots of seating for when our extended families come to visit during the holidays.

Table 2

Table 1

It will have a beautiful, yet unique, chandelier.

Candle Chandelier

And a little bar, nothing too extravagant. The real bar will be in my wine cellar.



It won’t be too decorated. I like simplicity for the dining room, with neutral colors and natural fabrics, like this table runner.


{via Pottery Barn}

And I’ll have some wonderful cake stands and serving platters to serve lots of yummy things.

Cake Stand

{via Neiman Marcus}

I absolutely love this wine rack for the wall.

Wine Bottle Wall

{via Home Restyle}

But whatever the season, and whatever the d├ęcor, it will always have fresh flowers.


{all images, unless otherwise specified, via Houzz}



Anonymous said...

photos 2 and 5 are my favorite. i agree with having lots of light and windows in the dining area. i love windows all over the house.

Jenna said...

I love that candle chandelier - like I'm a little bit obsessedand it's SO easy to do - hmmm possible project over break - I think so!

I also love how the wine is diagonally displayed in that bar.

Feeling so inspired now :)


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

lovely picks! i would love to have a huge dining room so i could have the whole family over :) xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I've said this before but I'll say it again: I think our future homes will be very similar!

My grandparent's cottage in Michigan has a huge dining room and dining room table for all of the family (8 kids, 17 grandkids plus friends, spouses and significant others) to eat together. It's the best!