Happy Hour

As many of you know, today is the Bloggers Day of Silence, and I really struggled with whether or not I actually wanted to post today. Some might consider such a frivolous post as insensitive, when many other blogs are staying quiet to help Japan.

To be honest, the only reason why I even considered participating was because I almost felt bullied into it. I would see posts on other blogs about the day, and even tweets, saying that they would be sad if they saw someone post today. Now, I'm not saying that it isn't well intentioned. I just don't know that's entirely necessary {don't be mad, please}. I've made my peace with the issue in Japan, and its on my mind a lot. I've written my thoughts, and me staying silent today is, really, not going to make a difference. They want to raise money, which is fantastic, but what if instead we used this day to all post the same thing, asking our readers to donate? I just don't want to feel pressured into doing something that I don't feel like I need to do, is all.

That being said, I understand if I don't get as many participants today as I have in the past. I still want to have Happy Hour available for anyone who wants to be involved, however.

So, it's Friday. What are you drinking today?

Unfortunately, my doctor has put my on an antibiotic cocktail, and the instructions on the side of the label explicitly state that I can have no alcohol for the next two weeks. Bummer. So tonight, I think I might just be having a nice coke.

This week has absolutely flown by. It's been a busy week, but not too busy. I wouldn't say it was an exceptionally good week either. It kind of just...was...

This weekend is going to be semi-lazy/semi-eventful. We have an engagement party to go to tomorrow night, and my friend and I are taking another class with Fabio Viviani at his restaurant, Cafe Firenze. This time we are learning how to make risotto, and if you are interested in watching the class live on Sunday at 11:30, you can view a live stream here.

Other than tutoring, cleaning, and making food, that's pretty much all I have planned for the weekend. I'm excited to spend some much needed lazy time in bed, watching HGTV. My life is exciting.

Anyway, here are a few things that I found that I wanted to share with you this week:

This is cute. But let me know what you think of the mom...

Wedding = Gorgeous. Bride = Even more gorgeous.

I have strong political opinions, and I try not to express them too much here. But this makes me sad.

And you still have time to enter my giveaway {until midnight tonight}.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend too, my friends. And be sure to link up!

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We do happy hour all day on Fridays. Because it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

What are you drinking today?

Happy Hour is my weekly blog party, where we get to meet new friends, find new blogs to read, and destress from our week.  We're all busy ladies and sometimes we just need to get out with some friends, chat, and have a drink.

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How to play:
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  2. Visit two other blogs linked below and leave a comment, saying that you are from {Where We Love} Happy Hour.
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But there are some rules...
  1. Don't post and run...that's not cool. And if you do, your link will be deleted.
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And if you want, you are welcome to use one of my buttons in your post!

Much love friends,


Tierney said...

I totally agreed with your post. I did do a somewhat frivolous post today, mostly because I didn't feel convicted like I had to stay silent all day. Like you, I felt slightly peer pressured to do it, and while donating is great, I didn't know what staying silent was going to accomplish, besides a kind of "LOOK AT ME, I CARE AND MY BLOG IS ON THE FLYER" type deal. (That might be a stretch, but you know what I mean.) I personally donate a lot of my time and money to charity, and I didn't feel the need to prove anything.

Anyway, great post. xoxo

Heather said...

I had the same exact dilemma last night! I am completely compassionate to the situation in Japan and I do understand that the Day of Silence is well intended. But I felt my efforts would be better spent saying a prayer for the people of Japan.

I will stop back by to check out other peoples' blogs!

Tids said...

Oh I'm so so glad you wrote this. I'm a fairly new blogger and also felt like I should keep my mouth shut today. Not so because I want to but because I felt I had to. I've written about Japan in an earlier post this week, donated some money and bought a print. Now, as selfish as it sounds, I want to get back on it and write what I what to write.

Jenny said...

I totally agree about the Japan thing. I'm with ya!

cailen ascher said...

i just visited blonde undercover blonde. what a cute blog she has! and she's doing a giveaway today - even better.

love the happy hour idea : )

CCH said...

i am so happy you posted this! i too felt guilty. Even after i have donated myself. our BEST efforts are through donations and prayers.


Kaitlin Godfrey said...

YAY for happy hour!! Don't know if I am drinkin tonight either because St Pattys Day Parade is tomorrow...must rest.

Liking undercover blonde!

Kamika said...

I personally don't see how staying silent will help Japan? Id rather we got loud and shouted to the rafters that they need help!!!! I choose to make a personal donation, but because my husband and i can only afford to donate so much I am also topping it up with 20% from all of my Etsy sales going directly to the Red Cross. That way I figured I can afford to donate even more, and encourage others to give back at the same time....and I got flack for this :( It seems you can't keep everyone happy. But I know my heart is in the right place, and personally this whole thing has been giving me nightmares...so some blog fun helps lighten my mood

Betty said...

First, I didn't even know of the Bloggers Day of Silence until I read your post, and I have to say I totally agree with you.

I stopped by 2 blogs and enjoyed them both. .brad.&.kaitlin. and Undercover Blog. I hit the follow botton and look forward to reading more from these two ladies!

Rachael said...

A Day of Silence is a great idea, but of course, you don't feel the need to do that, that's your choice. You should never feel bad about not doing what you want to do!
I saw that kid's party on the link you showed, and it was pretty amazing! The only thing is though, how is the mom going to top that for the next birthday?! Unless it was a one time thing.
Saw the wedding link as well, and I love the bride's dress!! So pretty!

Amanda said...

I also had no idea about the day of silence... it's a good idea, but I think everyone should choose whether or not they want to participate! I feel like I'm giving back in other ways.

Anyways, thanks for hosting happy hour yet again! I visited Brad & Kaitlin, as well as the Lifestyle Maven.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I agree with you re: Bloggers' Day of Silence. In so much as it encourages people to donate (time, money, blood at a local Red Cross) I think it's a great idea but my being silence isn't going to relieve suffering in Japan the way a donation would.

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Have a great one :)

JessRaquel said...

Checked out Mixologist (uh tiger blood shot? #winning!) and Away Beyond, her story on how she met her man gives me some hope in life haha

I totally agree about the silence, silence helps nothing to be honest.

Anonymous said...

don't feel guilty. there are so many ways we can help, whether we go silent for a day or not. have a great weekend.

Jen HaHA said...

I didn't post today because it's my Fix-It Friday feature and I have nothing to fix. That's probably because I didn't post much. I had made it a Linky party, but it's kind of too specific, therefore lack of participation, so I'm not going to add the Linky Tool on Fridays any more.

I read your post to my hubby because I had just told him about the bloggers' day of silence and he asked what that's going to accomplish. He's not trying to be insensitive. He too mentioned how discussing the situation might be beneficial. I think everyone handles things differently, especially when it comes to sensitive situations like this. I'm not posting but I am reading and commenting and I think that neither hinders nor helps the situation in Japan. I'm continuing to live life, but with a heavy heart and deep sorrow for Japan. I'm learning and preparing because our region is prone to earthquakes. I'm watching the news all the time. I'm stopping here because that was an essay.

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Anonymous said...

I am glad you wrote this post, I was feeling the same ... but I did do the day of silence (um, shh, it's almost midnight) because I had not written about Japan yet and I did want to donate, I like the spirit of the bloggy community coming together. But I think we should "shout it from the rooftops" vs. staying silent. Oh well.

Okay ... off to check out the other linked up blogs!

Happy Weekend!

Married In Chicago said...

YES. I totally agree. I thought the day of silence was pretty pointless. One thing I really appreciate about your blog is how honest you are. THANK YOU!

I stopped by two blogs that I added to my reader! It Takes Two has a really thoughtful post up about what it means to be the bigger person and Search 4 Serendipity had a very cool post highlighting a lovely tattooed mama.

Thanks for hosting!

Heather said...

Aww crap, I'm a horrible link-upper! I forgot to come back and post who I visited. Better late than never right? Sorry!

I visited Brad and Kaitlin. She's taking a sewing class which sounds like so much fun!

I also visited Married in Chicago and I'm now following her on Twitter!