Food Network Magazine

I love magazines. I come from a magazine family. My aunt has a subscription to pretty much every women's magazine available, and my mom supplies me with stacks {literally, stacks} of reading material every time I go home. A few months ago I was lucky enough to get a subscription to the Food Network Magazine as a gift from my aunt, and while I used to think that Real Simple was my favorite, it definitely isn't anymore.

Seriously, this magazine is amazing.

There are some things you just can't get online anymore. They don't post everything on their website, and I don't think they have an online subscription. But there's something I just love about reading a magazine from actual pages and not from a computer screen.

Anyway, you want to know why I love this magazine so much? Because in this issue...

I found this fantastic {and relatively inexpensive} wine aroma kit, to help me learn more about my wine.

via Cooking.com

I got a recipe for Macaroni Grills' uh-freaking-mazing rosemary bread. 

 I'll let you know how it is once I try the recipe.

I also got some great dessert ideas for the party I'm throwing next week. Like...

Cheesecake Pops

{via Hostess with the Mostess}
 and Tiramisu Trifles

There are so many recipes and ideas in this magazine, like the recipe for Monster Marshmallow cookies, that have melted marshmallows mixed into the frosting for the tops. I can't post everything in the issue right now, but I will definitely let you know how it all is once I starting making it all!

Happy Wednesday friends!


Rebekah said...

Oh, I need to get a subscripton for that! Real Simple is my fav, but I do love the Food Network!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Just hopped over from The Elephant's Trunk!

You MUST post if you make that rosemary bread. Seriously-that is the only reason I go to Macaroni Grill!

Real Simple is def my fave, but I will have to check out the Food Network now :)

Kaitlyn Thatcher said...

Omgsh Joelle can you please post the rosmary bread recipe or send it to me!! I am OBSESSED with that stuff.

Kaitlyn Thatcher said...

Omgsh Joelle can you please post the rosmary bread recipe or send it to me!! I am OBSESSED with that stuff.

Twenty Something Blonde said...

I love watching the food network so I'm pretty sure I'd be obsessed with reading their magazine too! :)

Beka said...

definitely need to know how that rosemary bread turns out! it looks good, and most summers we grow rosemary in our garden..... :)

Jenna said...

I love their magazine and those desserts will be perfect for your party!

Loving the wine kit!


Erin said...

delightful! i just love your blog.


Anonymous said...

that tiramisu truffle looks so delicious!

Married In Chicago said...

Wait, let's get this straight. A magazine that tops Real Simple?!? I'm going to have to check this out!

LCR said...

wait... cheesecake POPS!? need some this. minute.
like this collection of things:) thanks for sharing.
oh! and i'm still going to pickup my giveaway prize for the handwriting- i can't wait!

Sarah said...

That pop cake looks really, really good! And the tiramisu! Oh gosh, I absolutely love tiramisu! And I've not heard/seen of any magazine that has so many incredible things in/with it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more about your party (after you throw it). I am dying to throw a dinner party...or any time of party (mostly for the excuse to buy an outfit). Unfortunately, my townhouse is way too small.