{101 in 1001}

Last January, I introduced my 101 things in 1001 days goals. I love goals; they’re something to constantly work toward, to be proud of, to check off your list. I kind of fell off the wagon a few months later, and eventually even deleted the page that I had. But today, I’m reintroducing it. Because it was fun being able to work toward something that I’d written down. It makes all of those abstract goals seem not so scary.

I’ve modified things a bit, and there are a few lists {like 101 recipes} that I might just start over completely, but I’m keeping my original date of September 28th of 2013.

101 in 1001

1. Write 101 notes and send them to loved ones, just because (0/101)
2. Write 50 thank you notes (0/50)
3. Get out of the country
4. Go to Europe
5. Finish writing a book
6. Get published
7. Find a way to exercise that I enjoy, and stick with it
8. See all movies on AFI’s top 100 movies (9/100)
9. Learn another language
10. Donate $1,001 to charity (0/$1,001)
11. Work full time for myself {changed from original list}
12. Go to Alt Summit {changed from original list}
13. Run a 5k
14. See a ballet
15. Have a party
16. See Taylor Swift in concert
17. Consider buying a home
18. Go camping
19. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
20. Read 101 new books (10/101)
21. Find the perfect little black dress
22. Master the red lipstick
23. Start and keep a journal
24. Do 10 “What I’m Wearing” posts (0/10)
25. Go on a cruise
26. Try 101 new recipes (0/101)
27. Buy a good camera
28. Make a portfolio of 1001 pictures that I take (0/1001)
29. Reach 500 blog posts
30. Go to Las Vegas
31. See Cirque du Soleil
32. Get published on Style Me Pretty {changed from original list}
33. Buy a bottle of wine costing at least $100
34. Take anniversary pictures
35. Take (more) boudoir pictures
36. Send my future self a letter
37. Host a giveaway on my blog
38. Go to a wedding planner conference {changed from original list}
39. Pay off my debt
40. Get to 1001 followers on my blog {changed from original list}
41. Shop in downtown LA’s fashion district
42. Go to 5 awards shows (0/5)
43. Take a floral design course {changed from original list}
44. Visit Walt Disney World {changed from original list}
45. Make a scrapbook album
46. Make sushi
47. Get a dog
48. Write a letter to my future children
49. Visit Paris
50. Take a pole dancing class
51. Find a new favorite drink
52. Do something I’m afraid of
53. Make a book with my 101 favorite quotes (0/101)
54. Buy myself flowers once a week for six weeks straight
55. Run/walk for a cause
56. Make a gift for someone
57. Make a book of recipes
58. Write down my favorite recipes from my grandparents
59. Send someone flowers
60. Attend a red carpet event
61. Meet someone famous
62. Make a candlelit dinner
63. Take a ballet class
64. Find the perfect bikini
65. Go wine tasting in Napa
66. Take a vacation by myself
67. Sing somewhere
68. Be on TV
69. Find the perfect sunglasses
70. Buy a designer handbag
71. Figure out what I believe
72. Eat Brazilian BBQ
73. Volunteer 101 hours of my time to a good cause (0/101)
74. Find something I'm good at making and sell it on Etsy
75. Send 25 birthday cards (0/25)
76. Spend a weekend at a spa
77. Take pictures and send out Christmas cards (on time) (1/2)
78. Find a church
79. Donate blood
80. Take a cooking class
81. Become a purposeful shopper/cook (i.e. buy organic, locally, free range, etc.)
82. Find a pen pal
83. Sponsor a child in a different country
84. Make homemade jam
85. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
86. Buy a piece of original art
87. Have a guest blogger
88. Write a letter to someone I admire, but have never met
89. Join {another} wine club
90. Stop biting my nails
91. Not worry about money for an entire month
92. Finish our wedding time capsule
93. Meet Taylor Swift {changed from original list}
94. Be happy with my body and my looks
95. Do something illegal

96. Do five random acts of kindness to people in need (0/5)
97. Design and make a piece of clothing for myself
98. Go fishing and cook/eat what I catch
99. Become passionate about {another} social issue
100. Buy monogrammed stationary
101.Try absinthe

Can I do it


Christianna said...

Do it, do it, do it!!!

MarieHarmony said...

You'll make it for sure dear! Awesome list, this gives me ideas Joelle!

Amanda said...

I'm totally going to steal some of these ideas for my 26 Before 26 list! You can totally do it! I love it!

Jenny said...

You're inspiring me to make my own list. This is awesome! I love that you include fun ones as well as super practical, like finding a way to exercise that you like. That's definitely one of my constant life goals and so far yoga is the best that I've found.

Simply Splendid LOVE said...

amazing! very cool and good luck. love this idea.


Matt Haines said...

That 50 thank you notes one should be easy. You must have 50 couples, vendors etc you can send to right now. Heck you can even send me a thank you for suggesting it. :)

Good luck with your list!

Abbey S said...

Stopping by from Mingle Monday (waaaay late...) and I love your list! Some great goals, and some really fun ones (Joining a wine club? Yes please!)

Terri said...

I love your 101 list! YOu can definitely do it. I'll be watching, in the least creepy way possible, as I'm sure it'll be awesome. :)


RB Mitchell said...

i absolutely LOVE this idea! How long did it take you to come up with this list?