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Welcome back, Wedding Wednesday friends! I hope you enjoyed last week’s post on the proposal. I know I loved writing it for all of you!

Which brings us to this week’s wedding post.

The Announcement


Friendly Tip

Getting engaged can bring a thousand different emotions: happiness, anxiety, excitement, stress, even fear. It can be difficult to know what to do first.

Friendly Tip

Emily Post

“Once parents and children have been told the news – and not before – the happy bride and groom will want to share their engagement plans with other relatives and friends. They can do so by making telephone calls, writing notes, or…sending emails. Or they might wait and surprise everyone with an announcement at an engagement party. Regardless, there are certain people other than parents and children who should hear the news first, who would be hurt to read of the engagement in the newspaper or hear of it from someone other than the couple. These include grandparents, siblings, favorite aunts and uncles, and close friends. Always include them as special people in the know before the rest of the immediate world finds out.”

While Emily Post says that “it is inappropriate to send printed engagement announcements,” sending a Save the Date or other type of announcement is relatively popular and considered appropriate at this day in age.


Printed engagement announcements are a great way to let everyone know about the engagement before you’ve set a date and location for the wedding.

Sent Announcements

Newspaper Announcement

Emily Post

“When: Most newspaper engagement announcements appear approximately two to three months before the wedding day, even if wedding plans have not been firmed up. But there are really no hard-and-fast rules: an announcement may appear up to a year before the wedding date or as little as a week before…

Who: The announcement of the engagement is generally made by the bride’s parents or her immediate family, often using a standard form provided by the newspaper…The bride’s parents should ask the groom’s parents if they would like the announcement to appear in their hometown papers as well. If so, they can send it to those papers at the same time that they send it to their own.”

Basic wording


However you decide to announce your engagement, here is a good tip:


Here are some additional resources for you regarding announcing your engagement:

A very traditional look at the newspaper announcement.

And, some more common sense advice.


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Jenna said...

It's so good to know all of these things - this is terrible but I never even knew that some people announce their engagement in the paper. I have a feeling that will not be me ;)

Love the first engagement announcement!


Holly said...

I love this post, Joelle :) I'm not engaged (yet!) but I love all these different ways to announce the engagement! I especially love the paper engagement announcements - I think I would love to do that (someday soon...) :)

Simply Splendid LOVE said...

seeing you write about weddings makes me want to post about my wedding just 7 months ago. i'm so glad the wedding planning is over, but i loved every part of it and i want to share it with everyone. i think i'll wait for our one year anniversary before i post about my wedding.

oh i love the engagement party invite. the red and light blue go perfect together and i love the different fonts used.

happy day!

Eliza said...

Reading about weddings makes me want to do it all over again! Not that I didn't LOVE the way our process went, but I think about how many other ways there are to do things and I know planning another wedding would be a blast :) I love that printed announcement - {she asked him} - how adorable! xoxo, eliza

Samuel Wilson said...

I'm having mixed emotions at the fact that social media now has a legitimate bearing on real life issues. Either it's really bothersome or I just value my privacy.
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andieclark said...

The overlapping thumb marks is a very cute idea for a wedding engagement party. It made me reminisce my own wedding held at the Long Island wedding halls and lovely everyone was.

Geoff Granfield said...

Although gay people also have union ceremonies, the ostentatious celebration marked straight weddings is beyond compare, no matter how expensive the gay man wedding rings are.

Billy said...

Engagements and weddings always excites me! Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. Well if I do get married, I want everything to be perfect! And I hope someday, when I look into my wedding photobook, I would smile and reminisce the day I said I do.