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I was writing a post on femininity, which I love, but I kept getting distracted by my day of favorite things. I worked from home yesterday, which meant that I got to play whatever I wanted on the TV while I worked. So, of course, the first thing I put on was Eclipse. And then New Moon {I went backwards…}. And then the Glee concert, which my mom gave to me on DVD for my birthday. And to top it all off, I decided I needed to watch Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour DVD.

I know. I get it. I’m a walking cliché.

But, I’m happy, so that means something. I’ve written a lot about my BFF, T. Swift. And on joy, and on how people shouldn’t try to steal away my joy. These things contribute to my happiness. They might be a little stupid in your opinion {which is only an opinion}, but I have a feeling I’m a lot happier than some of the people out there who are constantly saying negative things about anything and everything.

I’ve written about joy though. This is my favorite things post. Don’t worry, it isn’t a long one. I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite songs and clips and other things that make me happy. I hope that’s alright.

My top ten favorite Taylor Swift songs:

{yes, I have a list}

1. Tim McGraw
2. Fearless
3. Mary’s Song
4. Dear John
5. Long Live
6. Love Story
7. Enchanted {and there’s this version too}
8. Fifteen
9. Hey Stephen
10. Our Song

Glee is coming back tonight, and my list would definitely not be complete without a few Glee references. So, here it is. My favorite moments from the show:

{this is from said concert…I wish I could post actual video…}

And this! So adorable:



What brings you joy?


sprinklesoneverything said...

I think we share a very similiar love for Taylor Swift. If I could only listen to one person for the rest of my life, she would be it. I truly think her attitude is contagious and I am constantly inspired by her quotes. I believe in keeping my own joy too and not letting anyone take it away (which can sometimes be hard).

Great post!


Christianna said...

This is awesome! T. Swift and Glee are pretty cool! I'm glad that this stuff brings you joy!

Torie said...

I love both T Swift and Glee. They both bring me a joy that might be slightly childish, but shouldn't we all have that unabashed joy that comes from childhood in our lives? I guess my main mental shift was making the decision that people who wanted to take away my joy in whatever it might be that they view as silly or stupid, are people who are only jealous that they can't find that own joy in their lives. :) Be happy, girl. You deserve it.

M. Flynn said...

Oh god oh god oh god! This post brings me joy :) I love anything Glee-related, and while I'm not a huge fan, Taylor Swift has a special place in my heart for when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Candice said...

"Love Story" is a very special song to me. Actually, Taylor's songs have this uncanny way of locking up a memory within the lyrics and instantly transporting you back to it when the song plays!
I haven't always, but I'm gradually becoming quite the Swift fan!
LOVE Twilight and Glee too!!! Ahhh little happies! They make life so wonderful :)

Alexa said...

Haha. Awesome. Love Taylor too!

Eliza said...

How did I miss this post? T Swift + Glee are major sources of happiness for me too :) I love these posts that are sharing more about you + your life! xoxo, e

Len Sandler said...

I really hope that Taylor visits us soon, I can't wait to see her perform live. Thanks.
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