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Do you follow me on Instagram? If you don’t, and you want to, my username is joelleduff.

Husband and I drove down to Orange County on Friday night so that we could spend the weekend with our families. It was a pretty full two days, with lots of Starbucks and shopping and Easter candy. Easter was spent in about a million different places: church, restaurants, my aunt’s house, Robert’s parents’ house. And then we didn’t get home until eleven o’clock last night. Kind of exhausted, still.

My friends and I are starting a book club, and this month’s book is Molokai by Alan Brennert. Have you read it yet? I’ve heard it’s good!


Stephanie said...

Love your pink dress! Super cute!

Alisha said...

Goodness Joelle, that sounds exhausting just reading it ha! Hope you and Robert had a great Easter weekend!! :)

Oh and PS. I'm loving your pink dress. Just GORG!!

jen said...

i love the pictures you post of your pup!!

life spelled jen

Megan said...

not gonna lie, im pretty obsessed with those leopard flats of yours!!! super cute!

and im a bit disappointed that easter is over because i did not get my fair share of cadbury yet!