{monday’s mantra}

Be Fearless

I like this one. Thank you T. Swift.

Without fear we can do whatever we want. We can start our own businesses, take that leap, quit our jobs, or a thousand other things.

What could you accomplish if you were fearless?


MarieHarmony said...

We would accomplish loads if we were fearless. But what do we fear really? Fear is definitely a limit of our minds, let's be fearless this week, let's jump and celebrate life! Thanks Joelle, this Monday mantra is Gold.

sprinklesoneverything said...

Love this. Love her.


Sarah said...

Fear can also be a great motivation! A mark of what really matters. A life-saving tool. Without fears and dreams, what do we have to conquer?
But, I like the idea of being fearless, if only for a day to know that we can do anything.

jen said...

oh man the list would be endless!! love this!

life spelled jen

Christianna said...

This is awesome! Everyone should be fearless. The world would be so amazing that way!

Amanda said...

I will repeat this all week. I will be fearless. Thanks for another great mantra!

momto8 said...

yep...that is the attitude...what would you try if you knew you would succeed?!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
happy April!