{lovely ladies}

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week! My week is going pretty alright. And to make it even better, I have three lovely ladies for you to meet today!

Emiliy Anna Delores

The name “Anna Delores” comes from my maternal great-grandmother (Anna) and paternal grandmother (Delores); I thought it appropriate to pair my passion for vintage-style imagery with a name for my photography venture that honored my own heritage.  Anna Delores Photography is about seizing moments and producing creatively-inspired images to capture life's profound moments as well as objects and scenes of beauty. My style is simple, nostalgic, romantic, and photojournalistic, and my goal is to create photographs that make a connection with people, whether by capturing their beautiful wedding day, recalling memories of a past trip abroad, or summoning the human emotional connection to everyday objects.

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Briana Buzali

I'm just your girl next door blogging about my adventures after college. From career moves, to long distance love, and all the special moments in between. I like to embrace what makes us each unique.

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Kristen Victoria

Hey pretty people! I'm Kristen: artistic introvert and a total dreamer on a journey towards self discovery. I mostly blog about my passionate love affair with graphic design with added bits of art, inspiration, fashion, humor, and life as a married doxie momma. Come say hello!

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Be sure to go say hello today!


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

thanks for the introduction! I can't resist finding fabulous new blogs to read :)

Emily @ the Anna Delores blog said...

Love this, Joelle! Many thanks! What an honor to be featured with Bri and Kristen. :) Thanks again and happy Friday!!