I know we all go through it at times, but that doesn’t mean I hate blogger’s block any less. I could easily post pictures I find on Pinterest, with no commentary whatsoever, but I know that most of you didn’t come here to just see a whole bunch of pictures that I found over there (and which you’ve probably already seen). But I knew I needed something pretty for this post, so you get a random quote that I found inspiring (surprise, surprise...).

So, a couple thoughts that have come to me recently…

I know we see it everywhere, but this really hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday: life is short and my bucket list is rather long. I should probably get started on that.

I finished a book in exactly 24 hours yesterday. I don’t get to read very often, but when I do, I never want to put it down. It was a terrible book, and I will spare you the unnecessary details, but I think reading bad literature is a good thing for a writer. It shows you what not to do, and gives you the encouragement to believe that if they can get published, so can you. It doesn’t mean that my writing standards have been lowered at all. Just that at least I’m not the worst writer out there…

Someone asked me the other day if I ever thought about not reporting my business income to the IRS. I didn’t skip a beat when I said that no, I’d never considered it. My thought process is this: I’m going to make a lot of mistakes with this little endeavor of mine. I already have. But as long as I do things with integrity and good intentions, I can at least say that I didn’t make any of those mistakes maliciously or on purpose. And that will at least keep me from staying up at night with worry.

I get sad that I can’t read all the blogs that I want to these days, and I definitely don’t have time to find new ones. So, I really appreciate anyone who sticks around to read what I have to say. I know it isn’t always interesting, but it’s my little corner of the internet and it makes me happy that people actually care.

I was going over a blog survey I sent out a while back, and someone had mentioned that they missed my more personal or thoughtful posts. This whole blog balancing act is a delicate thing. I write for myself, but I also write for you. Is that still true? Would you like to read more personal posts? Or posts on my thoughts (like this one or this one)? Or posts about what it’s like to start your own business?


Millie said...

Hey, I really love your blog and I read every post. Just wanted to say that there are people out here or is it in here (behind computer screens) who care and just know I appreciate you!
Love, Millie!

siddathornton said...

i love all of your posts. keep up the good work :) and bravo for conducting your business with grace & integrity - i think that is admirable (and definitely the route i'd choose as well). i completely agree that balancing the type of blog posts to put out is a daunting task. sometimes i find myself asking the question, 'is this really what people want to see?' i try to push those notions aside though, & rely on my judgment on content.

sorry to have written you a novel here in your comments section - i enjoyed this post & related on so many levels!

- lauren