{monday’s mantra}

This week’s mantra is one that I struggle a lot with.

every. single. day.

Monday's Mantra

I’m a type to hold grudges. It’s a quality that I hate in myself, and that I’m trying really, really hard to fix. And I’m doing alright at it. I had an entire blog post written last week about someone that wronged me, but I didn’t post it. I’m trying to let things like that go, and focus on myself. Because if I care so much about what someone else has done, then I can’t focus on what I need to do.

Is this something you struggle with? What do you need to let go of?


Tamaras Blend said...

I'm exactly the same when it comes to this issue. But I haven't found a way how to let it go yet.. I think it takes a lot of strength. But it would be sooo much easier that way.


boyandgirl said...

I'm always trying not to hold grudges, but it kills me to not know what I did to cause a friendship to crumble or situation to take a turn for the worst. I'm trying to let everything go and just be happy because when you widen your scope you realize how minute the problem in in the scheme of my fantastic life!

siddathornton said...

i'm absolutely horrible about holding grudges, but it is definitely something i've been putting a lot of energy into fixing. i love that your mantra for today reminds me how important it is not to dwell.

happy monday!

- l

Amanda said...

Amen to this mantra. I'll do my best with this one this week!

Jill said...

Great post. Sometimes it seems harder to let things go as we get older. I find myself mad at friends for not calling, work stress, etc. but you're right. It's best to focus on the positive and try to let more and more things go.

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

I struggle with the same, but it is so important to Let it Go!

The Michelle Show said...

Ah I'm not a grudge holder but my husband definitely is!
I would definitely say that I struggle with holding my ground. I just let things go TOO easily and don't stand up for myself to people who trample me in the process.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate. I need to learn to let things go as well. I hold on to so much and it just ends up eating at me and making me miserable. This is a great mantra to practice.

Newest GFC follower. Your blog is gorgeous. Look forward to reading more from you.

The Things We Find Inside

Anonymous said...

Letting Go is something I have started doing lately and it makes wonders. Every time I feel I am struggling I just stop thinking, take a breath, stay silent for a while. Letting Go is just a powerful tool and I am glad I am doing it now, if feels good!
Best of luck with it Joelle, I know you can make it work. xx

Lauren McKenna said...

Great mantra! I need to do this for sure, except I need to learn to let go of what's in my own head, and keep me from holding me back! <3

Chrissi Holt said...

I have really been trying to do this whilst attempting to live in the present ... yoga and meditation helps a lot ! xx