{monday’s mantra}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was great, and I got to do everything I wanted to do . Saturday was spent in Los Olivos with the bestie, and I bought way too much wine. Sunday we spent with our families, and it was wonderful.

But today, it’s back to work.

Monday's Mantra

I have a lot to do this week. I have a wedding on Thursday, multiple client and vendor meetings, plus lots of blogging and blog designs to work on. I love doing it, but if I’ve realized one thing recently, it’s that I am busy on purpose. Which means that I need to stop using the fact that I’m so busy as an excuse.

I just need to get (sh)it done.

What’s your mantra this week?

If you like this week’s mantra, and want to use it as motivation, maybe you should consider downloading it as a wallpaper. Just click the link the below and save the right size image for your desktop.

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M. Flynn said...

I've got shit to do, too! Perfect mantra. Let's do it!

siddathornton said...

good luck getting everything done this week - you can do it! :)

- lauren

ps - this is about to be my new desktop!

Anonymous said...

yep, def needed this.
thanks gf!

Melissa said...

Wonderful mantra for this week!

Anonymous said...

What a great mantra! I have a few things that need doing around the house but when I go home sometimes I just want to sit, even though I know I'll feel so much better if i just GET IT DONE. Thanks!

Nicole said...

This is the perfect mantra for this week! I have a lot to do this week too, so I hope we both get everything we need done, done! Have a great week.




Anonymous said...

GREAT! It's so easy saying "I have to do this and that" and doing nothing. At some stage we need to get it done and we always feel better after it!
Have a lovely week Joeelle! xx