{a little apartment makeover}

Ever since my husband and I decided that we won’t be moving at the end of the year, I knew that I needed to give our little apartment a little facelift if I wanted to keep from going crazy. Especially if I’m going to be home all day long soon {cross your fingers}. Here are a few pictures I’ve used as inspiration.

Apartment Makover

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So, a few things:

I wanted a lighter color palette for our bedroom, but I knew that a white bedspread would spell disaster when you have a little dog that likes to sleep with you at night. So, I bought this one, with lavender sheets to go with it and a fluffy, faux fur white pillow to go on top. I also found a beautiful white, mirrored nightstand for my side of the bed, but have yet to find Robert one! I don’t necessarily want something mirrored, just white and pretty.

We picked up a great coffee table last week that we found on Craigslist, but it wasn’t until we got home that we realized that our TV stand {really just a dresser} is pure white and they don’t match! I’m so picky about these things that I’m having a hard time finding an entertainment center that I like, since we want to move the dresser from the living room into our bedroom.

I’m also doing a few little things, like reupholstering my dining room chairs and getting new lamps for our bedroom and living room. My husband also hung a shelf in the kitchen to display my teacups, and I’m embracing my red Kitchenaid mixer by buying other red accessories for the kitchen {including a red microwave, apparently}.

I think the overall issues I’m having right now are making sure that it’s not all too girly {my husband was very skeptical when I brought home lavender sheets, but they actually look really nice} and finding that furniture! We have nowhere to paint anything, and we don’t have the budget to buy new, so we have to find it used but perfect.

I promise I’ll take a lot of pictures when it’s all done, I just want to make sure it looks perfect first! In the meantime, I’ll be waiting impatiently for those last perfect few pieces of furniture to show up on Craigslist.

Oh, and do you have a suggestion for an entertainment center? What do you think would look good with off-white? More off-white, or a color? We have a navy rug and green walls right now, but I don’t want wood. Ideas?


Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

gorgeous picks for inspiration! As for the entertainment piece, it depends on the look you are going for. My initial reaction was to go for a color, but then when I read navy rug and green walls, I went to off-white. If you bring in another color, it might get too eclectic. I'm not one for matchy-matchy, but since the actual pieces aren't part of a set, an off-white entertainment center could look perfect. Good luck with the hunt - can't wait to see what you come up with!

Rhiannon said...

Well you and I are definitely in the same boat on the entertainment center debate. I am so conflicted on what to get and use as I want things to look sweet and simple not like the local movie theatre (or a basement living room). Plus our television is so large and our room is a funny layout so who knows. I can't wait to see what you come up with though. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous :)

ashley nicole catherine said...

first off, loving the inspiration! what about black for the entertainment center - i'm thinking a pretty lacquered black that would ground the space and add in a bit of masculinity for your man.