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So, I am most definitely not a DIY type of person. I’m more of a buy-it-on-Etsy type. I’ve tried to make my own garland before, but I failed miserably. To make it worse, I absolutely love paper garland at weddings, which is why I’ve been swooning over it on Etsy lately.

Etsy Finds

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

That last one is most definitely my favorite! Which one is yours?


Jenna said...

Totally ordering the last one for my Mom's 50th party! So excited - thanks for sharing these :)


Betsy said...

ooh love the hole-punch one on the bottom! it's so fun :) do love the one on the top left, though - i used it in my board last week! great minds, haha

The Michelle Show said...

Number one! Its soo unique and beautiful!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love number one. I wanna try to make it!

Carrie Waller said...

My fave is the last one too =)

Kristyn Monaghan said...

I love #3!!!

Nicole Rene said...

Love the circles one! Super cute!!

Leona said...

I just found your blog from Aunie Sauce's page and I am in love already, your design is so cute and lovely to look at and I love each of your posts :) x

kristyn said...

these are so adorable! i love them :) i found one the other day of paper hearts made from book pages--very sweet!

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