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I feel like it has been so long since the last Wedding Wednesday, and I am so sorry for that! I promise I’m getting back into the swing of things, and we won’t go this long without Wedding Wednesday again.

Today we get to talk about something that I absolutely love about weddings. Being in this industry requires that you network constantly, and I’ve been really fortunate to have met some really amazing photographers in the past year. So, to make Wedding Wednesday a little different this week, I’ve asked some of my photographer friends for their advice on a few things. Hope you enjoy!

The Photography

photo by Leo Evidente Photographers

What trends are you seeing in wedding photography right now?

From Jillian at Jillian Rose Photography:

Since shooting my first wedding in 2007 things have really changed. The past few years I feel clients gravitate towards a more candid, photojournalistic style of photography with minimal “posed” and “traditional” shots. I try to mix it up a bit because often times the parents and grandparents will want something a little more classic for their walls but I am a sentimental shooter at heart. I love my candid moments!

What advice do you have for couples looking for a wedding photographer?

From Amanda at Driver Photography:

First and foremost I suggest choosing a photographer whose images make you feel something. I know it sounds cheesy but it really is true--that after all the cake is eaten and the bouquet is thrown, all you are left with are your photos. When you hire a wedding photographer, you are hiring an artist with a particular eye and style who will capture and document the most important day of your life. Make sure you really resonate with their style and that you absolutely love their work. Second, make sure that you are hiring someone that you like and trust. Your photographer will be around you, your friends & family for hours on end on your wedding day--make sure that you feel comfortable with them.

From Leo and Kat at Leo Evidente Photographers:

It is important for couples to know their priorities with regards to the type of photographs they would like their photographers to focus on. Every photographer has different approach on documenting a wedding day. Some focus more on the bride and groom’s love story and others are more likely to give more attention to wedding details. The idea is to find a photographer who has a good feel for what the couple is trying to achieve.


photo by Driver Photography

What is the process for hiring a wedding photographer?

From Amanda at Driver Photography:

We receive an inquiry via our website. We check to see if we have the date available, email the potential client (usually within a few hours), and invite the potential clients to our home for coffee. During our meeting, we get caffeinated while getting to know a bit about the couple, eat a few chocolate chip cookies (yum!), tell them what they can expect from us should they choose us as their photographers, show them our albums, online galleries & client websites, and answer any questions they might have. At that point, the clients either sign a contract and give their retainer to reserve their wedding date with us or they take a day or two to think it over. If they decide to book with us after going home, we send them the contract and invoice online. We try to skype, facetime or chat on the phone with any clients who can't meet with us in person. Even if a client inquires and is ready to book with us right away, we try to arrange some sort of meeting with them so that we can make sure that we would truly be a great fit for their wedding photography.

Is there anything you wish potential clients know before coming to you?

From Leo and Kat at Leo Evidente Photographers:

As wedding photographers and storytellers, we always wish that potential clients put more value to what we do. We always wish that potential clients know that we work way beyond the amount of hours that they will hire us for their wedding day as we spend a lot of time gathering inspirations and materials from the time that they contact us up to the time that we package their photographs for delivery.

We always want to believe that they are hiring us not because we know how to press the shutter button of our cameras but because they truly appreciate our work. For us, it’s always personal as we consider ourselves artists. We feel that we have to be emotionally involved to be greatly effective at what we do to create amazing photographs that our clients will enjoy for decades.

From Jillian at Jillian Rose Photography:

I wish clients knew how much work and skill is required to get amazing wedding photos. It takes years of school, studying,  practicing and tons of money invested in to proper equipment to do what we do. Sometimes people think that as long as you have a “nice” SLR camera, you can make good images.


photo by Jillian Rose Photography

How should a potential client prepare for an initial meeting with you?

From Leo and Kat at Leo Evidente Photographers:

It’s always a good idea to write down a list of questions. Also, we dearly appreciate it when potential clients are more than willing to talk about their relationship and how they met. This is when we get to feel that we’ve been part of their lives since the day they realized that they are in love with each other.

What advice do you have for couples on their wedding day?

From Jillian at Jillian Rose Photography:

HAVE FUN! Step back for a minute and take it all in. It goes by so fast. No one can prepare you for how fast the day flies by. It’s unreal. You put so much time, energy and hard work into making your wedding day perfect that you really need to make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Also, if something doesn’t go according to plan, no biggie. It really doesn’t matter. Just enjoy.

From Amanda at Driver Photography:

Whether you are creating your timeline or working with a coordinator to create your timeline, our key piece of advice is to create a great timeline for your wedding day. The weddings we have photographed that have flowed incredibly smoothly and were the most relaxed always had really strong timelines and utilized a first look (when a bride & groom opt to see one another before the ceremony). Make sure you understand the benefits of both having a first look and having a traditional schedule. We personally love first looks because they allow our couples to share a private, audience-free moment with each other; a moment in which they can freely express their emotions. In addition having a first look allows a couple to maximize their time with their guests at cocktail hour and at their reception--and wedding days go by so fast that we couldn't think of anything better for our clients than for them to have more time having fun with their guests.

From Leo and Kat at Leo Evidente Photographers:

Please do yourselves a favor and hire a wedding planner/event coordinator! We cannot stress that enough. This is an assurance that things will go according to your wedding plans or as close as possible to it. We love it when the bride and groom become highly involved with the wedding planning BUT let go of any expectations come wedding day and just let it unfold naturally. By doing so will prevent any memories of disappointments of things that would have been when you think back of that very special day.

Do you have any other questions for these photographers? Let me know and I’d be happy to get some answers for you!

Must HaveMust Have Wedding Pictures

1 // Make sure your photographer gets pictures of you getting ready! Those intimate shots are always a sweet memory to look back on.

2 // Don’t forget the details! There are so many little things that go into weddings, and you want to make sure you remember it all.

3 // You obviously want to look back and see how handsome and stylish your groom was on your wedding day, don’t you?

4 // The friends standing up with you are, or should be, some of your best. It’s another sweet way to remember the day.

5 // And last of all, my very favorite {and potentially my very favorite wedding picture}…weddings are full emotion. That is definitely something you want to keep. I would recommend having at least two shooters on your wedding day, so they can get you walking down the aisle and the reaction of your soon-to-be husband when they see you in your wedding dress for the first time.

Here is a much more comprehensive list of must have photos to take on your wedding day, if you’re interested!

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Kristen @ KV's Confessions said...

Oh GOSH, I have a love/hate relationship with seeing wedding photography... it's so beautiful, but I get so jealous!! Mostly because it was such an oversight in my young naive 19 year old bride brain that we literally told our friends to take pictures with their digital crap camera. We only have a small handful of good ones that we will treasure forever, but I always wish to go back in time!

Chrissi Holt said...

Ooh exactly what I am working on right now for my wedding ... on the lookout for a photographer :) However, in a foreign land it's rather difficult to find especially since I am incredibly fussy lol !!

Love Chrissi xx


Betsy said...

I love what all of these photographers say about connecting with their couples - that's how I knew my photographer was the one! it was such chemistry - that's what one of my posts in September is about!

megan said...

Photography is definitely my splurge for the wedding. I knew who I was going to hire before we even got engaged!

ashley nicole catherine said...

what amazing tips!! especially the must-have pics...just love the emotion in #5. so sweet.

Anni said...

Love these tips by some awesome photographers. I definitely agree with them, especially being willing to open up a bit during the client meeting. My best images and relationships with clients come when we really click, which is hard to do if you just go through a checklist. It's so important to click with the person who will be with you for 8-10+ hours on your wedding day!

Simply Splendid LOVE said...

Photography was my #1 priority for our wedding, not shocking since I'm a photographer. Ha. I had lots of must have pics and my photographer did amazing! I wanted to make sure we had plenty of pictures and I didn't care how long it took. Since it goes by so fast, pictures are all you have so it's so important to have an awesome photographer.