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Let’s end the week on a good note, shall we? I read this post from the Kitchn yesterday and it definitely got me thinking. I need to get my mojo back in a lot of things lately {it seems}, including cooking. After I read it, all I wanted was to go to Amazon and buy a whole bunch of cook books. Like these ones…

Five Things

Les Petits Macarons :: I’m all about the macarons, and I’ve seen this book in Anthropologie a few times. I love making them, but they aren’t as pretty as these ones. Maybe buying this book will actually make my macarons pretty…

Mastering the Art of French Cooking :: We all know Julia Child turned 100 last week, and she’s still considered one of the best chefs ever. I feel like it’s time for me to actually try and make something of hers.

Foolproof :: Ina Garten is hands down my favorite Food Network chef. I own one of her books already, and I can’t wait for this one to come out in October!

The Smitten Kitchen :: I LOVE Smitten Kitchen the blog, so I have a definite feeling that I’ll love the cookbook as well!

Super Natural Every Day :: I own one of her other cookbooks and it’s a really great resource! I’ve learned how to cook with more natural ingredients from her, though I don’t do it nearly enough. Maybe this one will make it even less scary.

The Kitchn’s post also suggests that I invite more people over for dinner. So, if you’re ever in Ventura, let me know. I’ll cook for you. And I’m a good cook.

Happy weekend everyone!


Et tu, tutu? said...

Love macarons too! I've heard they're hard to make though. I don't know if I'd buy a cookbook. I'd rather just let someone else make them. :P

Et tu, tutu?

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

These look like charming cookbooks! Thank you so much for sharing... have a wonderful weekend!

Mimi said...

i want to get the les petits macarons too! :D

<3, Mimi
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Sarah said...

oh i've heard heaps about les petits macarons! and i've also heard that it's really difficult to make macarons. too bad i still don't have an oven at home. so until then, don't think there'll be any baking for me at the moment. :( but i do love a good macaron! x