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We went to Santa Barbara last weekend, and spent a few hours wandering around State Street. They have the absolute cutest shops, and I could have spent way too much money there on little things for my apartment and new jeans. Oh, and lots of sweets. And wine.

This past weekend we went to Malibu Wines to celebrate our friends’ birthdays. And Sunday I drove down to help my mom set up her store! I’m really excited to show you all pictures when it’s all done.

A few other things:

Apparently I’ve lived under a rock for the past seven years, since I’m just now getting into Grey’s Anatomy. I’m obsessed.

Taylor Swift announced her new album today, and played her new single. I’m very concerned.

We’ve gone back and forth about moving at the end of the year {we hate our complex}, but I think we’re going to stay. And I’m actually really happy about it. We’ll pay off our credit card debt next year, and it would be so stressful to move during the holidays. It means that I get to fix up our apartment a little!

That’s all.



Mimi said...

these are pretty pictures! i would love to walk around state street as well. :)

p.s. grey's anatomy is amazing, i'm so glad you're catching up! :D

<3, Mimi
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Millie said...

Very gorgeous pics. And Grey's Anatomy will keep you up till the wee hours. Love it though!!

Jenna said...

I loooove State Street so much! It's always one of the places I make a point of going when I'm back for a visit :)

And I've also never watched Grey's Anatomy - maybe I should also try and get into it. I'm in need of a good series :)


Marie Vie said...

Lovely new blog design Joelle! And these photos are just so pretty.
Have a lovely week dear!

ashley nicole catherine said...

i've never been to santa barbara, but these pics are making me want to go!!

Anonymous said...

Santa Barbara and Malibu sound like such amazing trips. I love all of your snapshots, the flowers are particularly beautiful.

Stay in the Lines

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What lovely pics! Grey's is the best!!!

Ameryn Marie said...

State Street is a dangerous place! {for your wallet that is} I was there last week drooling over lovely things left and right.
I just came across your blog and am a new follower. The wedding planning world intrigues me so! Since planning my own, and helping a few others plan theirs along with other partys and showers, I'm hooked!