Day 12: My Day in Bullets

  • Wake up. Hit snooze while I check my email/various social networking sites in bed.
  • Take shower/do makeup/put hair into ponytail.
  • Spend fifteen minutes picking out something to wear.
  • Drive forty-five minutes to work. Listen to NPR/History Podcast/new Britney Spears song.
  • Get to work. Drink coffee. Make a bagel. Work.
  • Eat lunch at Del Taco/Souplantation/Weinerschnitzel {today's choice}.
  • Work some more. Go to meetings and sit in silence.
  • Sometimes I tutor after work. Sometimes I go to class. Either way, drive an hour {or more} home.
  • Make dinner consisting of one vegetable, one protein, and one starch. The husband can't have more than one starch per meal.
  • Watch Jeopardy. Answer the Final Jeopardy correctly {got it last night too when nobody else did. Question: Name two of the three presidents reelected to a second term that did not complete the term. Answers: William McKinley, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon. I knew all three}.
  • Lie in bed and watch HGTV/Food Network/Travel Channel while husband washes dinner dishes.
  • Fall asleep without teeth brushed/face washed/contacts out.
  • Get out of bed after falling asleep to brush teeth/wash face/take out contacts.
  • Sleep at 9:00 p.m.
That's my day. It's exciting.


Grace Adams said...

Okay, the one about lying in bed watching tv while your husband does the dishes makes you my official hero.

Joelle said...

Haha it's just our little compromise :)

CarrieJo said...

you are a Jeopardy Queen!!! :) i love this random fact about you! :)

Heather said...

Lol, I'm in bed every night by 9:00 too! I wake up too early to be a night owl.

Katie said...

Joelle - I love your day, it's so similar to mine. You need to throw a twist in there every so often. Maybe.. -gave a high five to random stranger, hehe :)


Joelle said...

Carrie - Definitely taking the online test next week to see if I can actually get on the show! I'm so excitied!

Heather - I like going to bed early and getting up late, so I don't even have an excuse for going to bed at 9 like you do. I just like sleep ;)

Katie- This is just my typical day...sometimes I hug :)


this is me. said...

wow. 45 minute drive to work. i'm glad that i only have a 5 minute train ride. i hate it when i have to wake up and the brush my teeth/wash face because it takes a while before i can sleep again. sigh.