Today I'm grateful for...

The sunshine. 

Best friends. 

World Nutella Day. 


My Mom. 

Breakfast burritos. 

The weekend. 


My brother. 

Much love,


Cherie said...

I found you over at the Weekend Wanderer blog hop! I love this post and I am grateful for finding new friends through the blog hop!

Hope you have time to check out my blog at

Have a beautiful weekend!

scrapwordsmom said...

I love the look of your blog. So sunny and bright!! And I love and adore a grateful attitude like yours.

I am stopping by from LBS. I DO love linky parties. Very fun:)

Have a wonderful day!!


Megan said...

mmm breakfast burritos. yes.

Beka said...

i had a breakfast burrito the other night;)

i didn't know there was a world nutella day! ha!

Felicity said...

World Nutella Day AND breakfast burritos - how could I have not known about these treasures?

Felicity x

PS: If you do a regular Saturday Grateful, you may want to link up with lots of Australian readers who would love, love, love your blog @ Maxabella's place


She leaves the blog hop open over the entire weekend so that Blogeristas from all over the world can join in...nudge, nudge.

Felicity x

Anonymous said...

i agree with your thankful list. and yes, payday. just went shopping a few hours ago :)

CarrieJo said...

great list!


Mindy said...

Is it bad that I don't like Nutella?! But I do like everything else on your list - promise! :)
Found your blog via Life of the Liles.

Lovingly Simple .... said...

World Nutella Day? Awesome!! I have such a sweet tooth...

Shalyn said...

Cute blog! I love your layout and love your list! A breakfast burrito sounds amazing about now!

I will definitely be back!

Mrs. Bee said...

Maybe sometime you could tell us more about your brother if it's not too personal? I'm always interested in hearing about relationships between siblings. I think it's wonderful that you're grateful for him.

Lately it seems everyone has been talking about nutella so I guess I need to get with the times and try it out. Hope you're having a great day.


amber01sw said...

I found your blog on the Lady Bloggers Social Tea Party. I am your newest GFC follower and I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back too. Have a great Sunday! Thanks Amber

Chas said...

I love gratitude lists! Thank you for sharing! Visiting from Mingle Monday.
Chas @ A Woman's Haven

Joelle said...

Erin - So sorry it took so long to get back to you! I would love to write about my brother sometime...maybe I'll have to do that one soon :)

Love you all!