Parisian Love

Today is a rather busy day, what with all the cleaning and cooking and homework {what?!} and whatnot. Anyway, I was taking a small study break and looking at my favorite blogs and this little video was posted on  Lurve You. Some of you may have already seen it, but I kind of love it.

Happy Valentine's Day sweethearts.


Beka said...

happy valentine's day to you too!

i love that video:)

Felicity said...

This is a perfect gift for a Francophile from the city of love and light.

Thank you Joelle, I will be sharing it with another lovely friend so that she can delight in it also.

I hope that you can share your bling with us on my blog hop - I know that you have the most wonderful love story!

Felicity x

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness, I loved that. Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

so cute- thanks for sharing :)