What I'm Wearing and some Virtual Coffee

It's Tuesday, and how I wish I could be sitting with you and having a nice yummy skinny vanilla latte {my Starbucks drink of choice}. Instead, I'm here. At work.

I saw this coffee mug today though, and I just thought it was adorable. It's perfect for Valentine's Day {only a few weeks away!}.

Via Wrapped in Love on {duh, where else} Etsy.

After dressing myself surprisingly well this morning, I decided that today would be my very first What I'm Wearing post. Doing a few of these is on my list of blog goals, so we'll see how it goes.

{Ignore th messy bed please. It's the result of too many belts}
Tights: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Don't remember. I think I stole it from my mom.
Tank Top: Some random store that sells cheap tank tops.

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Payless

So that's my outfit for today. And I feel really cute! It's amazing how a good pair of shoes can just perk up your day {especially since today is coming after a very long Monday}.

If we were having coffee together today though, I would tell you how excited I am for Tuesday nights! You see, normally we have Family/Glee night on Tuesday nights. Since Glee isn't on this week {it starts on Sunday though!} we are doing something a little different this week. Our favorite happy hour hangout does trivia night on Tuesday {I know, we are super big dorks} and so we are getting friends together for a team to play. It's a $2 buy in and the winning team takes everything!

Since I got the final Jeopardy question the other night when none of the contestants did, I say we might have a fair shot. Question: The name of this landlocked West African country is also landlocked within an African Country on the Eastern coast. Answer: Mali/Somalia. See, I can be smart sometimes.

This week is going to be a good week, and if we were having coffee I would tell you that life is actually okay right now. I have a lot of exciting things planned for the next few weeks {minus my colonoscopy in two weeks...TMI? Too bad}. I find out if I got tickets to the Grammys soon, and since my best friend works at the Reagan Library, she's taking me as her date to his centennial celebration on Saturday night. It's invite only and there will be a concert and lots of important people.

Even if I'm liberal, I can still appreciate history {and someone very important from history}.

And it's my birthday month! I haven't decided what I want to do, but I have exactly twenty days to figure it out. Any suggestions??? Right now I'm leaning towards Universal Studios {Buy a day, get a year free right now. Again, I'm a dork}. But our other option is wine tasting in Los Olivos. Decisions, decisions...

I think this is where I end my post for today. Well, this post at least. Because I still need to answer my question for today. I'm kind of nervous that it might be a little too revealing...

Before you go, though, head over to my other blog A Charming Place To Be. My sweet friend just wrote a post about our cooking class with Fabio! I promise, you'll love it.

Much love,


Virginia said...

I *need* that mug!!! Not only is he one of my favorite characters ever, that is one of my favorite lines from Pride & Prejudice!

Your outfit is adorable! You definitely should feel cute in those shoes and that sweater!!!

Thanks for the coffee! And for showing off that mug that is now in my cart and ready to be purchased!

Christy said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's my birthday month too! I'm sorry! I liked Saving Private Ryan, I just thought it was too long!

Joelle said...

Ah, I'm so happy you like my outfit Virginia! And yay for the mug :) You should be happy you saw it first...I'm sure someone else is out there waiting to find it too!

And don't apologize for not liking Saving Private Ryan Christy! I definitely know what you mean about movies being too long...I normally don't have a very long attention span either.


Carrie said...

I vote for Universal Studios for the birthday celebrations. But, I'm a little biased (as you know). And I'm very excited for Saturday! =)

Megan said...

cute! And I totally need that mug in my life.

CarrieJo said...

love the shoes with that outfit! you are right...shoes make a difference!! you look great and i am glad that you are feeling great in it!

mmm...wine tasting sounds fun but so does universal studios!! why not both haha!

have a great day!

question - can we ever turn this virtual coffee in to real coffee one day for a bloggers getaway somewhere warm??? :)

Jillian said...

happy tuesday lady! i looove those shoes :) and i agree with carriejo i want a bloggers getaway to a warm destination.

have fun planning your birthday :) i would go for the wine....
xoxo jcd

Joelle said...

I would love a blogger getaway! California is nice today :) It's a wonderful 70 degrees outside {which means that I'm still cold...}.

And thanks for the love on my shoes. For some strange reason it took me like a year after I bought them to start wearing them, but I love them now!


Beka said...

i so love your outfit, dear!! and that sweater...adorable!

Alisha said...

Such a cute outfit!! <3 And I totally agree on the perfect pair of shoes that can absolutely make your day!

Oh, and my pangea bottle came in today!!! Yay :) Thanks for the sweet note that accompanied it. LOVE your handwriting! Thanks again girl!

{Amy} said...

cute outfit, love it...especially those shoes! happy to hear things are going so well with you, have fun at trivia night tonight and good luck! love that coffee mug, thanks for coffee!

Jade said...

What a super cute outfit! It looks like it could be from Anthropologie, which makes it all the more impressive that it isn't!

And oh, I'm from Santa Barbara (and just moved to Thailand) and your talk of wine tasting in Los Olivos just totally made me a tiny bit homesick for just a minute.

Love the mug! Your blog is super cute and I'm going to look around a bit more at it!

andrea said...

YAY birthday month! Mine's the 16th. So glad we can be birthday buddies!! :)

Sarah said...

that belt is adorable. and the mug, ahhhhh