Day 10: First Love

Describe your first love and first kiss.

These two things do *not* go hand in hand, let me say that first and foremost. My first kiss happened when I was fifteen, during the credits of a bad movie, while the recipient's friend sat behind us and watched.

Not romantic.

Now that I've gotten that little awkward detail out of the way, I can get to the real meat of this question. Because as tired as you all are of hearing me talk about how much I am in love with my husband, I would honestly consider him my first love {even if he wasn't fortunate enough to be my first kiss}.

Sure, I said those three little words to a few lucky boys before I met my husband, but looking back I realize that I had absolutely no idea what they meant. But once I met Robert, this whole new world opened up to me. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders; I didn't need to worry about so much anymore, like what I looked like or trying to be cool enough or smart enough. He loved me for the actual person that I was/am, and I don't think I can say that about anybody else {other than maybe my mom}.

Our first kiss was about two weeks after we first met. We were sitting on our friend's curb, waiting for my grandma to pick me up and take me home {we were teenagers, remember}. He had mentioned to me a few days prior that he wasn't going to kiss me. I was going to have to do it. And so, there we were, talking about my algebra test from earlier that day{it was a Wednesday} and I just did it. No warning. I just took a breath and did it.

And boy, am I glad I did.



Morgan said...

Dropping in from Mingle Monday. The kiss that is meant to be always takes time to find its perfect mate! Have a great day.

Jami said...

Hi..found your blog from Mingle Monday. This post brought back some funny and wonderful memories for me! :)

Jessica said...

Another one from Mingle Monday. I love your story about your first kiss with your husband! So sweet!

Stephanie said...

So sweet!

Lovely to "meet" you :-)


Jillian said...

aw so sweet! i love this little story :) you two are very lucky to have found eachother! xoxo jcd

Shalyn said...

This is so sweet- I love your blog and loved reading this!

My husband was my first real love as well!

Joelle said...

I'm so happy you all found me and enjoy my little blog! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and love :)


CarrieJo said...

wow I love it!!! way to go lady! :)

Beka said...

Awwww, I love it. :)
Such a sweet story...

Alisha said...

Aww how sweet!! You go girl! Way to take charge ;) Such a lovely post about y'alls LOVE! <3<3

Crystal said...

My hubby was my first love too...but love waited until college. I kissed him before he kissed me...at a track party (we both ran track for our university). I told him, convinced him, we were perfect for each other. 11 years of marriage and 4 kids later, I think I was right!

I'm here from FTLOB..you have such an uplifting blog. It's good to see someone so openly and honeslty talking about the love she has for life, love, and her spouse! Thanks for being such a great breath of fresh air!