Things I Don't Love...Weekend Edition

Waking up at 6:00 a.m. on my Saturday morning to proctor the SATs. But hey, it's extra cash that will pay for this:

Passive aggressive internet catfight bullshit.

Keith Olbermann leaving MSNBC.

Bread that turns moldy only a few days after buying it. 

Speeding tickets. 

The button that just came off my new Lucky jeans.


andrea said...

I love this cranky post because, seriously? Sometimes life is cranky, people. Not everything is ohmygodilovesunshineandknitting! Thanks for always being a raw and honest blogger, Joelle. I love it. :)

Also, passive aggressive internet catfight bullshit? Holy crap that sounds lame/awful.

BUT YAY for those cooking classes! How fun! :)

Debbie said...

New follower from Saturday hops. Enjoy the day!
Debbie from nofiltermom.blogspot.com

Kandy said...

I'm jealous about the cooking classes, so let me hate you for just a minute...... ok, that's over =)
Yes...the comments,... well, you already know how I feel about those...
I haven't really noticed too much of the passive/aggresseive catfight bullshit... just facebook, but I block people when they start acting like that... Too much negative in the world...I'm not going to purposely invite more into my life...
Hey, let us know how those cooking classes go... OOooo... there's the jealousy rearing it's ugly head again...sheesh!!! ;)

Joelle said...

Ahhhh yes...internet drama. Isn't it fun! But Kandy, you're right...and I am proactively beginning to eliminate all forms of negative from my life {especially negative in the form of passive aggressive tweets and facebook unfriending...}.

And I'm glad my venting doesn't bother anyone. Because Andrea, you are so right. And thanks for putting a smile on my face for the second time today, by the way.

Much love, and I'm happy to have the new followers. Ironic? Perhaps, but nice nonetheless :)


Kristen said...

Ha! I love how honest this post is, because sometimes, stuff is just crappy. At least you get the cooking classes! That sounds like so much fun!

Mrs. Bee said...

Newly purchased moldy bread = totally pissed off buyer. I (we) value my (our) time too much to have to go BACK to the store to get a new loaf since my husband needs bread for his lunch (yes I send John to work with a sack lunch- sue me)

I know that makes me sound witchy but it is what it is.

Beka said...

Wow, I love Andrea's comment.
Yeah, our family got pretty upset when a few loaves of bread we had just bought turned moldy pretty fast... NOT good. :P

Thank God I haven't had one of those copy/paste comments for so long. *sigh*

Amanda said...

I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago; love it! You're very inspiring. I totally agree with not loving Keith Olbermann leaving... and moldy bread just sucks!

Joelle said...

Amanda - That is the sweetest compliment I can imagine, so thank you! You just made my day! It is always so nice to hear that people not only enjoy my writing, but that it means something as well :)


Maggie said...

i agree with you on all of those and i am super jealous you get to take that cooking class!!

Nancy said...

Visiting from the Friday blog hop. So nice to meet you. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

CarrieJo said...

I HATE losing buttons to things...because I am lazy and never take the time to sew them back on...and then kick myself when I remember I am missing a button out in public!