Day 6: Interesting Facts

Interesting facts that may or may not be interesting.

  1. The meals that I make most often are chicken curry, pork chops, and...frozen pizza. 
  2. My favorite book is The Awakening by Kate Chopin. 
  3. I love pink {no surprise there}. I also love green, blue, purple, yellow, red...
  4. My favorite type of wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.
  5. I love beans on my breakfast burritos. 
  6. Last year I took the Jeopardy test {but didn't hear anything}. I'll take it again this year. My husband and I try to watch Jeopardy every day and being on the show is on my bucket list. Categories I'd kick ass at? Art history, world history, languages, geography, presidents...I know, I'm such an exciting person. 
  7. I was raised by a single mother.
  8. I have a problem with authority; especially people that abuse their authority. 
  9. My biggest celebrity crushes are Johnny Depp {obviously}, Daniel Craig, Hugh Laurie, and {confession time} Robert Pattinson.
  10. Did you know? I'm kind of obsessed with Twilight {though I try to keep my infatuation hidden...it's not so attractive sometimes}.
  11. I don't have a favorite flower. I love tulips and peonies and hydrangeas and gerber daisies and mums...{just about everything pretty}.
  12. I often spend hours on Etsy. 
  13. If I had the money I could furnish my wardrobe at Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Macys.
  14. I love ice cream. No, I don't think you understand. I love ice cream. 
  15. Everyone has a drunk food, right? Mine is spicy chicken bites from Jack in the Box. Yup, pretty much only go to Jack when I have a hankering for those spicy chicken bites...
  16. I've spent the night in the hospital twice {that I remember} in my life. Once was three years ago, when I had my appendix taken out. The other time was in September. Hopefully those will be the only two times. 
  17. I have a fascination with pregnancy and giving birth. I have already made up my mind {and I'm not even pregnant} that I want a natural birth and not necessarily in a hospital. I follow a few midwife and doula blogs {definitely getting me one of those when the time comes} and have watched multiple pregnancy documentaries {Pregnant in America and the Business of Being Born are both very good and informational, in case you're interested}. 
  18. I used to play Counterstrike when in high school {remember internet cafes???}. Still do, on occasion...
  19. I miss having long hair. I swear I will never cut my hair again. 
  20. I love candy, especially peanut butter M&Ms and Milky Way Midnight. 
  21. I own {and know the words} to every released Taylor Swift song {minus the Christmas ones}. 
  22. Most days, my husband and I eat dinner on TV trays sitting on the couch {duh, watching Jeopardy}...yeah, we're old cool like that.
  23. I bite my nails. I used to have acrylics, but ever since I got them taken off {they were too expensive}, my nails have been stubs. 
  24. On our anniversary, my husband and I decided that we are going to get In-N-Out and drink the $90 bottle of wine that we bought on our honeymoon. 
  25. As bad as this sounds, I am really bad at judging blogs before I read the content...meaning, if the blog isn't aesthetically pleasing to me, I will more than likely leave. It's a bad habit that I'm trying to get over, so I apologize!
  26. I love Nutella. 
  27. Do you see a recurring theme here? I love basically anything with sugar. Especially {but not limited to} tiramisu, creme brulee, cheesecake {white chocolate raspberry from Cheesecake Factory, anyone???}, red velvet cupcakes, gelato, champagne chocolate truffles, raw cookie dough...
  28. I'm an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of girl. My husband is a late-to-bed-late-to-rise kind of guy. Needless to say, we spend on average four hours a night actually sleeping next to each other.
  29. I don't have a favorite season. My favorite season is in between the seasons, when they're changing. 
  30. I drive a white 2010 Toyota Corolla. It's my baby and I love it.


    Laura said...

    I love your view on pregnancy/birth! I wish more people were open minded like that. Between my two older sisters they've had 6 home births with doulas/midwives and it's an incredible thing. It makes me so sad when people immediately assume you have to be drugged to have a baby. ANYWAY. Off my soapbox. :)

    Rebekah said...

    These are so great! I don't freeze any thing, I think. I too, want to have a natural birth, but I have to be in a hospital. I think. I'm still trying to figure out what's allowed with Tricare! I love your plan for you anniversary. Too fun!

    Beka said...

    Ahhhh, birth! Haha, sorry if that sounded weird.
    I'm 3rd of 6, and I was the first homebirth. Someday, I'll write a post about it. Also, I'm hoping to do natural and not-in-the-hospital births someday. Birthing centers sound pretty good; or else home. :)
    My sister is training to be a doula. She's got a knack for the maternal stuff moreso than me.

    The one birth book that I would and DO recommend to anyone is Baby Catcher, by Peggy Vincent. There are so many birth stories in there, and her journey from nurse to midwife and back to nurse --because of a horrid issue that was not her fault at all-- it's a really great read!

    The thing is, the problem for most women isn't that they're always CLOSE-minded, but rather sometimes it's that they haven't researched their options, or been told all the different choices they have!! There are a lot of wonderful things you can do and places you can be rather than just the hospital for a cesarean. Youch. We were created to be able to do it, except for the various unfortunate cases...

    Great post, dear!

    westcoastsoul said...

    Ugh my nails are so short too :( They break alll the time. I read a post by a blogger on here about OPI Axxium and I'm dying to try it!

    Lyndsay M said...

    have you ever read the book The Red Tent? It is one of my favorites and you would probably love it!

    ~Macs Girl~ said...

    i love sugary foods...I haven't been in the hospital since I was 3 (knock on wood)...we don't have jack in the box's here :(

    andrea said...

    Best drunk food ever? It's a tie between Taco Cabana's nachos with extra queso and good ol' Whataburger. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Whataburger might actually win because I've never woken up and immediately eaten the Taco Cabana leftovers sitting on my nightstand...and I can't say the same for Whataburger...

    Oh god. I just realized how gross that is. Oops?

    Anonymous said...

    What a great list of interesting facts. Some of them made me laugh which is always a good thing on a Monday.
    Thanks for visiting my blog through LBS!!

    Anonymous said...

    My cousin and I LOVE to eat raw cookie dough, but we heat ours up in the microwave so it gets a little melted first. This is probably not healthy at all, but it tastes oh so good. Stopping by from LBS.

    Jillian said...

    how did i miss this post?! i love all these little facts. and we have a lot in common, i am addicted to sugar and shouldnt be trusted around cookie dough..we also have pizza about once a week...i lose track of time when im on etsy... annnd i totally judge blogs by their cover- not always good to do. ah well. lovely post :) xoxo jcd