{Virtual Coffee}

Coffee is necessary today. I don’t need anything frilly; my travel mug filled to the brim with the delicious stuff {straight from my brand new French Press, mind you} is all I need. I’m sitting at my desk, and while I don’t mind it at all, I would much rather be sitting with you somewhere, actually having a cup of coffee together.

If we were having coffee together today, I would tell you how bad I feel for my husband right now. He didn’t get to sleep until 4:00 this morning and I had the unfortunate responsibility of waking him up at 6:00. I guess that’s what happens when you are in grad school. All nighters. *Shudder*

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I’m just starting to get those “I’m following you so visit my blog and follow me” comments. I have to say that I don’t really appreciate them {and I’m sure, neither would you}. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are extremely annoying and that I might just delete them as I get them. It is rude and a serious breach of blog etiquette, in my opinion at least. I follow blogs that I find interesting. If you leave me a sincere comment, I will more than likely visit yours and follow it {if I like it, of course}. But blatantly telling asking me to follow you back is just not okay.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you how excited and nervous I am for work right now. Our company is going through some major changes, including changes in my own department, and I recently found out that I am going to be given a lot more responsibility soon. I just hope I’m good at what they give me.  

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you how boring my life is and how I can’t really think of anything else to tell you. I would ask you, though, what exciting things are happening in your life {because I’m sure it’s much more exciting than my own}.

So tell me, what exciting things are happening in your life?

Much love,


~Macs Girl~ said...

I would never ask someone to follow me just because I'm following them..it's just rude!

Alisha said...

I love this!! I definitely agree with you on the blog etiquette with comments. No bueno mi amiga. I love your sweet follow-up tho, "If you leave me a sincere comment, I will more than likely visit yours and follow it {if I like it, of course}."

Have a lovely day friend! :)

Louba said...

Your poor hubby - 2 hours sleep is horrible, hope it gets better :( Hopefully the changes at work will liven things up a little for you - change is good, even if scary. If we were having coffee I would tell you I've been looking forward to sitting down and having a break with a coffee all day. I'd bore you over the final prepartions for my wedding, frustration with friends who have dropped out of my hen weekend and my brother who is refusing to come to the ceremony - he's 43 not 5 but you might wonder:( you might be gald it's only virtual!

Kahler and Katy said...

No, no! I'm a firm believer that no life is boring. :) I totally understand being married to a grad student- no fun on either end, especially his! Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing coffee! :)

Kahler and Katy said...

oops. I didn't really answer your question. As far as excitement in my life goes- I live in Africa, so there's always something crazy/exciting going on. Today, it was a random marriage proposal while I was on my run. Happens often, but it just really tickled me today. I'm meeting new friends- always exciting. And I just made tacos for dinner that were so so yummy- a little taste of home! :)

lisa geiger said...

enjoyed meeting you today... hey, visit my blog and follow mine!


i like to be annoying...

and everyone's life is boring when you sit down to tell someone something about it... but it's the little bits and pieces that make up life and they are interesting... like, did you have a good glass of wine last night?

of course you'll be brilliant at whatever they hand you at work! have a good week!

di said...

This is my first visit to your blog through Amy's Virtual Coffee....I've joined in a few times in the past, but the holidays really got me off my blogging routine! I agree with you about people saying that about following each other....not too nice. And your poor husband. How much longer does he have to go? As far as here, I guess we have lots of excitement....I'm 38 weeks pregnant and we're just waiting (impatiently) for our little guy to arrive!

Joelle said...

Ah, thank you all for visiting this little blog! I love hearing about all of your lives {congratulations Di!}. And I'm happy that you all agree with my newest pet peeve :)

Corinne said...

Those comments are seriously the worst... they drive me nuts!
Good luck with the upcoming changes at work, that sort of thing always left me feeling unsettled, but in the end changes were positive :)

christi said...

I agree, those comments are the worst. I did and do delete them. I always make sure I check out folks who leave me a comment, and like you said, the thoughtful ones you know they actually took time to read what you wrote and not just looking to increase their blog traffic.

I'd tell you that I know what you mean about life being boring, so to speak. Sometimes the day in and day out doesn't seem so exciting. But, the changes in your job sound really exciting! I am sure you'll be great otherwise they wouldn't have given you these responsibilities, right?

Nice to meet you for coffee this morning.

Beka said...

Ugh. I hate those comments where they tell you that!! SO annoying.
The first time I got one, I did it, but a few days later unfollowerd her because it just wasn't interesting to me at all. :P

When I'm going through a my-life-is-boring phase, I post a recipe. Heh. A quirk of mine: ruining people's diets!! hahah:)

Megan said...

oooohhh i sooooooooooo hate those comments. What is the point of having followers who don't really want to read your blog?? I don't want people to follow me JUST because I follow them..I want them to follow me because they actually like my blog and want to stay up to date..

I delete those comments.

I wish I was in So Cal so we could have coffee together.


High Heeled Life said...

Loved your post today! and just know you would be a great coffee friend ... You will do great in your new role.. believe in yourself, your boss does. HHL

Duff said...

If we were having coffee... I'd say thanks for waking me up and that you are the bestest. I also might turn down the cup of joe in fear of my heart exploding from too much caffeine so far today.

I would also tell you that I am functioning surprisingly well for the lack of sleep and that tonight won't be an early one either!

Oh yeah, and I love you :D.

Hyacynth said...

Hope I'm not breaking blog etiqutte by saying it's my first time here and that I'm stopping by from Amy's. :)
But I just had to say, I'm right there with you -- I shudder at the thought of all nighters and tests and grades. It's enough to make my perfectionist mind go bonkers just at the mere thought! I don't envy your hubby. {But I'm sure the degree with be nice in the end.}

Rebekah said...

Oh, all nighters. That is rough! I agree with you. If people leave a comment that is remotely related to what I blogged about and ask me to visit and follow, I probably will. Not if they just want a follow back.

{Amy} said...

I'm thinking two hour sof sleep might be worse than getting NO sleep...ugh! I feels sorry for him, too. I don't like those comments either, no begging please, that's what you feel like saying! hope the changes at work work out well for you. good luck! thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

Alita said...

I waited for Nick to have the "all nighters" and he simply did not. And to be honest I became jealous. He whipped right through his masters without batting an eye. I'm completely opposite. I have to work hard for every single class.

Also, blogging is about community. I delete and or ignore those comments, too.

Thanks for the coffee!

Jillian said...

absolutely agree with you about the "HI stop by my blog and FOLLOW!" comments..argh. some people take it WAAAY too far... it gets really annoying. i make it a point NOT to check out their blog. ah well. loved that you put that out there tho :) good luck with work! sounds like exciting changes-hopefully they come with a raise! xoxo jcd