Day 5: Ending Your Life

I've been avoiding this one. A time you thought about ending your life. Nobody wants to admit it to anyone, least of all themselves. But it's a part of life. Whether or not you act upon those thoughts is the real issue.

I can't give you one particular instance. A lot of these thoughts are just jumbled together; if the thought ever crosses my mind, its just an extension of a previous thought. There is no reason for it. Even if there was, the reasons don't matter. Because I won't do it.

I have too much time left on this earth. I have babies that need to be made and dreams that need to be met. I have yet to go back to Paris or publish a book. My mom still needs grandchildren. And who would feed my husband dinner after a long day at school or wash his socks?

See? The world needs me. Obviously.



andrea said...

This is such a hard prompt to address for obvious reasons, but I think your answer is perfect. And true. I know it can be hard (and awkward?) to put things like this out there, but I think it's great that you did. We've all been there and we're all in this together. AND you're so right: the world does need you. :)

Beka said...

I love your list of reasons, and how you wrote them. Really, I do.

Heck, it's so true. :) I'm glad you're alive and you want/need to be. ;)

Joelle said...

I'm happy you both think the world needs me :) Thank you.