Things I Love.

Some things I love today.


Photos of snow, without actually having to live in the snow.

History podcasts.

The gray sweater I stole borrowed from my mom {don't worry mommy, I'll give it back}. 

The Jodi Picoult book I'm reading.

The Florence and the Machine Pandora station.

Steve Madden.

My newly discovered French Press.

Parmesan bagels from Costco.


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Much love, 


Jillian said...

Photos of snow, without actually having to live in the snow. - JEALOUS.

Robin said...

what jodi Picoult book are you reading? I just finished '19 Minutes'. It was very good!

Joelle said...

19 Minutes is one of my favorites! I'm reading the 10th Circle. It's really sad, and I'm only a little bit into it, but I think I'll like it just as much as I like her others.

Rebekah said...

These are great! I love Groupon!

~Macs Girl~ said...

i love Jodi Picoult books

Beka said...

Oh, how do you like the French press?
A friend and me (she lives in Idaho and I live in southern Wi) are doing a trade-off of a French Press from her to me and a canvas from me to her. Her idea, sweet love.
I can't wait:) But first inspiration has to come back to me for painting. :\
I love these sort of posts!

Em said...

Jodi Picoult is such a lovely storyteller! Which book is it?

Ashley said...

Awww...love Groupon..

Mrs. Bee said...

I have almost every Jodi Picoult book out there! She is amazing. The 10th Circle is one that will make you gasp! I had to change my blog address (long story) but the page still looks the same so I hope you'll consider following me again! Let me know if there are any JP books you haven't read that you want to read because I'd be more than happy to give them to you- they are just sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust!



andrea said...

Is the Florence + the Machine Pandora station really awesome? Because just yesterday I was lamenting that I'm sick of all mine and needed a new Pandora station to listen to! And I love "Dogs Days Are Over," so...I'm guessing I'll like more of Florence + the Machine. I'm going to check it out today!!