A Perfect Day


was perfect.

We don't get out as often as we would like. With a limited amount of financial means, as well as two spouses with full time jobs {well, one full time job and one full time job as a student}, it can be hard to find things to do.

That wasn't the case yesterday, however. Because California was blessed with the most beautiful day {sunny and a perfect 75 degrees}.

Our first stop, after Starbucks of course, was the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades.


This museum is absolutely gorgeous. If you ever happen to find yourself in Malibu, I would highly suggest it. It's free to get in, but there is a rather steep parking fee {understandable, however}. The main collection consists of Roman and Greek art, and the architecture is designed after these ancient models.

As much as we enjoyed this museum, however, we still saw everything in slightly over an hour. At this point, we were hungry and pulled over to a random restaurant on PCH to grab some pizza.

Do you ever go to a restaurant randomly and then find out that it's well-known for it's food? It's a nice surprise.


Anyway, after wasting some time at Giovanni's and eating delicious pizza, we made our way to our third {and final} stop of the day.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I think I have found my favorite place in the world.

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it was really wonderful there. Tucked away in Malibu Canyon, it's basically looks like a park; a park where your I.D. is check at the door and where people are drinking bottles of wine while sitting on picnic blankets, of course.

They had tastings, which is what we did, but you can buy bottles to accompany the food that you bring with you. They also had live music playing {an ambient appropriate acoustic guitarist} and a small horseshoe area to play with friends.

My aunt gave us a Groupon for Malibu Wines for Christmas, and I am so glad she did! We each got a tasting and got to bring one bottle home {though I insisted on buying another}. The wine was very good {the two they have are Semler and Saddlerock, one of which is actually grown and produced across from the tasting area}. I am so very excited to come back with friends and a nice picnic!

 {Don't you just love that wine glass chandelier? We did, and we've decided that we just have to have one when we get our own home. I actually found it online too: Vintage Chandelier}

Anyway, yesterday was truly wonderful. I just love spending time together, and finding new and fun things to do.

Thanks for listening.



chloƫ. said...

Saying hello from Mingle Monday! :)

I love weekends like this, as my husband and I are in a similar situation - I work full time and he is 2nd year law student with little time for anything but studying. So that time together is definitely precious!

And that wine park looks amazing! We got married in a vineyard and they do something similar where they allow you to picnic on the ground with wine. We haven't been back since our wedding, but we will go again sometime soon!

Alisha said...

Sounds fabulous!! I miss that 70 degree weather. It's been so cold and rainy here - blah! Your pictures are beautiful :)

Jillian said...

ooo! super jealous, look like you had a great weekend (and great weather!) my boyfriend and i need to relocate. chicago is just toooo cold and dreary in the wintertime. xoxo jcd

Beka said...

oh my, that pizza.
now i'm starving. thank you!!