{Virtual Coffee}

It's the first Tuesday of the year. Which means that it's the first Virtual Coffee of the year.

Today, I'm drinking a grande skinny caramel latte. No, really, I am:

If we were having our coffee together today, the first thing I would tell you is "good morning." And then I would tell you how absolutely ecstatic I am that I got to 40 followers yesterday! What do you think? Can I get to 50 by the end of the week?

If were were having our coffee together today, I would tell you how I'm starting to learn Photoshop and how I'm becoming slightly addicted. My husband showed me the basics while I redesigned this little blog over the weekend. I made some cute recipe cards with little pink cupcakes on them, and I'm starting to make some blog backgrounds {not for anyone in particular}. I think maybe I'll post a few things for all of you some time this week {if you're interested, of course}.

If we were having our coffee together today, I would tell how I'm praying for two of my friends right now. One is on a plane, going to Germany {where she's going to be living for the next year} with her husband. The other is going through some stress with a living situation. I know they are both going to be happy in the long run, but it's hard saying goodbye. And it's hard seeing your friend be so stressed and knowing that there isn't a whole lot to do other than just listen and try to give support when you can.

If we were having our coffee together today, I would tell you that I love my husband so very much. I know I don't say that very often, but I do. He's one of those nerdy types, the kind that got a nintendo controller cover for his iPhone and sometimes has a picture of a pokemon as his profile picture on Facebook. But he's the sweetest person I know, and sent me a cute and cheesy haiku he wrote this morning about me. It's adorable and I'm pretty sure that I'll love him forever.

Oh, and you know what I love even more? That he and my brother {the one on the right} are best friends.

If we were having our coffee together today, I would tell you that I think I might make two new recipes for dinner tonight: potato leek soup {haven't found a recipe yet} and these delicious savory cupcakes from Eat, Drink, Pretty. That would make three new recipes so far this year!

That's all for now, and I hope you all are enjoying your coffee this morning just as much as I am! It's really delicious, isn't it? I honestly can't understand sometimes how people actually live without coffee...

Much love,


andrea said...

Joelle, PLEASE stop being so adorable. It's difficult for the rest of us to keep up. :)

westcoastsoul said...

I would love to learn photoshop!

VABookworm87 said...

Photoshop is a sickness :D

Alisha said...

Thanks for introducing me to virtual coffee. I found Amy @ Lucky Number 13 and she is adorable!! Love your cute new bloggy face-lift :)

Happy Tuesday!

Beka said...

Mmm, the new recipes sound really good!

You're so sweet about your husband. I love it when ladies, blogger or "real", spout off about their husbands sometimes. :)

{Amy} said...

wow, good for you and the new recipes and for photoshop! i have yet to take that plunge only because i hate tot hink about all that stuff i would need to learn...kinda lazy, huh? your husband sounds super sweet. happy new year to you!

Joelle said...

You are all just so sweet! These comments absolutely made my day :) Thanks for making me happy!

Maggie said...

haha i love andrea's comment! so true ;)


Julie said...

Have fun with dinner! I never know what to make. :) Cute pic of the teenage mutant ninja turtle duo. Nice to meet you!