Day 7: Zodiac Sign (and some other stuff)

I am a Pisces.

Generally, I don't really buy into astrology, though I've never really researched it before. So, for today's blog post, I went to an extremely credible source {duh, Wikipedia} and looked up my sign. According to whoever wrote this page, Pisces is considered a feminine and negative {introvert} sign. I'm not really sure what either of those mean in relation to astrology, but the general connotations pretty much describe me to a T.

It also goes on to say that it is one of the mutable signs. Apparently mutable signs have a have a longing for movement and are extremely restless. It is constantly trying to adapt itself to its ever-changing feelings and to the moods and whims of others.

Okay, so that pretty much describes me too.

The last thing that struck me about this description is the compatibility with other zodiac signs. The first on the list? Scorpio.

Robert, the stars have spoken. We are meant to be together.

Enough of that nonsense. I have other, more important things to talk about today. Like how we went back to Malibu Wines yesterday with two good friends and had the most amazing day. Anything negative that has happened in my life these past few days has been negated {or forgotten} by a truly incredible experience yesterday. It's good to know that I do have friends that not only care about me, but trust me and love me as well. I am so very grateful for these people in my life and I think I'm only beginning to understand the depth of my friendships. I am grateful for friends who will drop everything to come be with me just because I've had a terrible day. I'm grateful for friends who enjoy my company. And I'm grateful for friends who don't think I need to change, and who understand and accept me as the person that I am. That's honestly the best feeling in the world.

And...end cheesiness. I know some of you commented on Saturday about the cooking class that I got to take yesterday afternoon. If you watch Top Chef {it's okay if you don't...I don't even watch it}, you would recognize the name Fabio Viviani. He was on Top Chef Season 5 and is now on the current season of Top Chef Allstars. He owns a restaurant near where I live and my friend convinced me to take a cooking class with her yesterday. We weren't able to physically make the food {he said there was too much liability}, but he {as in Fabio himself} demonstrated how to make gnocchi and fresh pasta. It was delicious! After a day at the winery, gorging ourselves on cheese and crackers and spreads and brownies, and then going to Cafe Firenze and eating some of the best Italian food, I would just have to say that Sunday, January 23rd was an incredible food day.

Also, if you're interested in watching the video of the cooking class, you can find it on Fabio's blog.

I also have an announcement to make to all of you. I will not be blogging tomorrow. Would you like to know why?

Of course you would. It's because I will be here!

 {click on the picture to see more about Ellen's Surprise Birthday Show}

Jealous? It's okay, I'll tell you all about it. And be sure to watch on Wednesday to see me in the audience!

Okay, and last but definitely not least, I need to announce some winners to my very first giveaway!

The winner of the Pangea bottle is Alisha! And the winner of the Warpee is Tiffany. I will email both of you so that I can get your information and send you your gifts!

I guess that wasn't last, because I have one last thing to say.

Thank you!

I've finally hit 100 followers and I am so very grateful for each and every one of you. These past two months have been absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to share my life and my thoughts with my next 100 followers. I love you all!

So that's my novel of a post today. I'm sorry it's so long, but I appreciate you all taking the time to listen. I hope you all have a beautiful Monday.

Much love,


Jillian said...

happy monday!! congrats on 100 followers :) and i am so happy that you had a good weekend, its SO SO nice to have those "yes. this is how it should be. this is how real friends act." moments. those sort of moments when i realize how happy i am and how supportive my true friends are make me so happy and grateful. xoxo jcd

ps thanks for entering my giveaway! good luck!

CarrieJo said...

I am super excited for you to be on Ellen! You have to show some dance moves and get her to come dance by you!! :)

Alisha said...

Ok, that is really cool!! Definitely jealous about the Ellen show... You'll for sure have to post about it! Oh, and WOOOOHOOOO!!! I've never won a giveaway before! Thank you! :) :) Yay!

p.s. And CONGRATS on getting to 100 followers! Keep writing friend :)

Allie Burnham said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I love your blog design SO much. So so cute. Congrats on 100 followers! I can't wait to read more from you! following now!
stay well,

a beautiful ride

Greer's Gossip said...

Congrats on 100 followers!! I am stopping in from Mingle Monday over at Meg's blog. Your blog is too cute and I am so super jealous about you getting to go to Ellen's birthday show!!

Tiffany said...

thank you!

Kevin said...

I can't help but smile from ear to ear when thinking about yesterday. I cannot tell you enough how much it meant to me to be able to open up to such an outstanding group of friends. It was a tremendous weight off my shoulders :)

Mrs. Bee said...

The part of your post where you talked about your gratefulness for your friends etc etc really hit home for me today. Thank you for sharing that. I don't know if I needed a reminder that I needed to find my own version of that or what but it just touched me.

Also my husband is a pisces- sadly I am not a scorpio but we promised not to play with astrology :)

Hope you have a wonderful time on Ellen. Can't wait to hear all about it. Take care Joelle- you are a great blogger and a beautiful writer.


Emma Michaels said...

Grats on 100 followers!!! I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

Emma Michaels