A New Necklace

I finally got my Christmas present from Robert in the mail today and I'm so excited!

{I picked it out and ordered it only a few days before Christmas, so I don't mind that I didn't get it until now...}

Isn't it lovely! It's handmade by JLynn Creations on Etsy {of course, I wanted something from Etsy...}. Anyway, I just thought I would share my new favorite piece of jewelry. I can't wait to wear it!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Much love,


Megan said...

everything i need in life is on etsy...except puppies..are puppies on etsy? real live ones..not stuffed or sewn..

anyway..there is a blog award on my blog for u.


Megan said...

This is SO adorable! I buy almost everything off of etsy...love it!

Beka said...

Ahh, beautiful! I love necklaces.

Mrs. Bee said...

Oh it's so beautiful! What is on it? Is it your initials? What a great present!! I love etsy!

P.S. I LOVE your name

verynecessary said...

Hand-stamped jewelry is so in right now; Etsy is definitely the perfect place to find it! What a great Christmas present! :)

Joelle said...

Thanks everyone! It says r + j on it {Robert + Joelle}.

And thanks Mrs. Bee! I used to hate my name, but now I kind of love it :)