Happy Weekend!

It's 9:30 on Saturday morning, and I'm just sitting on the couch, in my pajamas, with one sock on. Why one sock? I don't know. It fell off in the middle of the night and I just haven't found the other one to put back on.

Aaaaahhhhhh...I love the weekends.

My wonderful weekend started yesterday, when I got a little package in the mail from my mom. Remember how I said that she likes to decorate for every holiday? Well, she gets most of her cute decorations from the sweet store that she works at and sometimes, if she finds something cute, she picks it up for me. That's how I already have so much stuff to decorate for Christmas!

Anyway, she had some adorable little things in that package {that just made my day Mom, I hope you know that}. 


And the best part about my package?

I only have one picture of my grandmother, and I've been telling my mom for a while that I wanted some more pictures. So she sent me some, and I absolutely love them. I love these old pictures of my grandmother {wasn't she pretty!} and I can't wait to get some nice frames and put them up on my inspiration wall

Oh, and there's a picture of my brother and I in there too. I love that picture and I love my brother {even if he does annoy me most of the time}.

I don't have anything big planned for this weekend, other than some good cooking and shopping. It all started this morning. 

I bought some new organic maple syrup yesterday, so I just had to make something to eat it with this morning. Thus the ableskivers. We got our pan on our honeymoon and I LOVE it. Do any of you make ableskivers? They are amazing!

Here are a few other things that I'm planning for this weekend:

Red Velvet Cupcakes {for no reason other than to just make red velvet cupcakes...}

Fish and Chips for dinner tonight.

Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast tomorrow. 

I haven't quite decided what I want to make for dinner tomorrow night, but I'll figure it out soon. 

I also get to do laundry this weekend. Confession: I'm terrible at doing laundry regularly. Since we have a community laundry room downstairs, I can't just throw in a load every other day or so. We have laundry days, where we literally do six to eight loads at a time. Today is going to be one of those days. 
Please don't judge me. 

Usually I'm desperate to do laundry by the weekend, but picking out clean clothes hasn't been too difficult these past two weeks. I think I've figured out why, too. Do you remember my Wear Everything challenge?

So far, I've stuck to it! I haven't bought any new clothes or accessories or shoes, and I just have to say I'm quite proud of myself. I don't think I've ever gone this long without buying anything. And so having to find things to wear from the overabundance of clothes from my closet has allowed me to skimp on laundry a bit. 

I actually feel bad for not doing laundry because of my poor husband. He is starting to see clients in the on-campus clinic at his school and can't wear jeans. He only has so many nice clothes to wear, and those nice clothes are starting to dwindle. It's a good thing I have nothing else planned for today than red velvet cupcakes and taking a family trip to the post office. So laundry, here I come!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day too. Have any of you ever been to a real flea market? I haven't, but the semi-annual flea market is coming to town tomorrow and I can't wait to go! Maybe I can find some pretty frames for those pictures up there. 

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Much love,


CarrieJo said...

i love old pictures of my grandma...she was so classy and a beauty...when we get to the decorating stage of our house renovation there will def. be framed pics around.

your grandma was so pretty! :)

MandyMy said...

I just found you blog through Lady Bloggers, and I wanted to say Hi! Also, don't feel bad about the laundry, it's the same way here!! In fact today is one of those laundry days for me too!! :)

westcoastsoul said...

Aw I love your Valentine's Day decorations!

Megan said...

oh girlfriend, we have laundry day here too...and we have our own washer machine...so I really have no excuse for the piled up laundry...

Classic NYer said...

I'm starting to think I want your life, haha!

Stopping in from LBS

Jillian said...

sounds like you have a loveeeely weekend planned! i LOVE flea markets, youre going to have a good time. the photos of your grandmother are lovely, that was so sweet of your mom to send you a package :) snail mail is the bessst. good luck with your laundry and enjoy your biscuits and gravy (one of my all time fav breakfast foods!) xoxo jcd

mrsammowife said...

Hi love!

Just wanted to stop by and say that I look forward to new posts from your blog popping up in my google reader every day! And you've inspired me to break out my ableskiver pan. My grandmother passed hers down to me and I have been afraid to try them but the ones you posted look so yummy that I've just gotta have them!

Miss you <3

Grace Adams said...

Wow. You eat really well. I just finished a bowl of soup for dinner and am thinking about those fish and chips you're having.

Joelle said...

Very happy to know that I'm not the only that procrastinates with my laundry! But I'm happy to say that it's all done :)

I'm also proud to announce that my cupcakes and fish and chips were both a success!

Thanks so much for all your support everyone. I love you all!

And Ho ~ I'm so happy you like reading my little blog! I love yours too. Let me know if you need/want help with designing it!

Much love,

Tara said...

I love the old pictures!

Also, I love that you're only wearing one sock, haha.

I have no idea what ableskivers are, but they look delicious!

And, I am so bad at doing laundry, too. There are no clothes dryers in Korea, so, I have to hang all of my clothes to dry, which takes forever, and I HATE it. It makes me even less prone to doing laundry. I will never take a clothes dryer for granted ever again, haha.

Rachel said...

I'm stopping by from Mingle Mondays! I love your blog & that is so great that you got all of the new pictures of your grandma!

Jessame said...

Joelle thanks for the love on my blog...your blog is super cute...you have yourself a new follower:)

Beka said...

No judgment from ME on the laundry matter--I'm the same way a lot of the time; though once in a while I get in an organized groove and do it exactly on the day I plan to. Heh.

Oh. My.
The cupcakes. (I need to make them now!! Soon!)
Fish and chips look pretty yummy too;)