Day 8: Satisfied

A day that I was most satisfied with my life. It sure as hell wasn't yesterday. We didn't get into Ellen {we only had standby tickets}, but we did get guaranteed tickets for another show in April. And we did the Warner Brothers Studio Tour! Anybody recognize these:

How about now?
 Merlotte's Diner, True Blood
 Luke's Diner, Gilmore Girls
And...I'm sure you recognize this. 

So, yesterday wasn't so bad. We actually had a really good time! We saw Conan playing catch on the backlot {he even stopped for a couple minutes to say hi}. We got to go on the set of Two and a Half Men and got sorted into our Hogwarts houses at the WB museum {worth the $40 by itself!}. 

But, back to the question. A time when you were most satisfied.

This is going to sound super cheesy and cliche {and maybe it is}, but my wedding day was absolutely one of the best days of my life. Not only did I get to commit myself to the man I love, but I got to do so in front of everyone else that I love. We had friends and relatives that traveled from all over the country just to celebrate, and it meant absolutely the world to us. 
This last photo is important to me because even those that weren't physically with us got to celebrate with us. I tied my mother's wedding ring, both of my grandmother's wedding rings {one of which passed away four years ago}, and one of my great-grandmother's wedding rings to my bouquet. 

This is the part where I tell you about the funniest part of the night. Some close friends have heard this story, but I am trusting that all of you will find this entertaining as well {Mom, I'm including you in this generalization, humor me}.

So, my friends decorated my little car with balloons and streamers for us to drive off into the sunset together in {we didn't have enough funds to pay for anything fancy, like a limo or a color coordinated Vespa}. As we were leaving the reception, we realized that we forgot something slightly important for the wedding night. So we made a detour to the drug store. It wouldn't have been a very big deal had my new husband not convinced me to go into the store with him...in my wedding dress.

There we were...newlywed and googly eyed. Standing in line at CVS. Buying protection. 

Aaaaaaaaaand it doesn't end there. Because one of the female workers {she was older} felt the need to give us a little marriage advice. Direct quote: "Husband, love your wife. Wife, be submissive to your husband."

Needless to say, we won't be forgetting our wedding night anytime soon {and not for the reasons you're thinking}. But that's my story. I hope you find my awkward night just as entertaining as I did. 

Much love,


Ms. H said...


=D love that story.

Joelle said...

I'm glad someone finds it entertaining :)

westcoastsoul said...

Ahaha the Pastor at my cousin's wedding gave them that same advice!

Adrian said...

Sounds like you had a great day even without getting into Ellen! I want to be sorted into a Hogwarts house, I swear I would be Hufflepuff, but you just never know ;) Also, those are such cute wedding pics! I love the hydrangea bouquets, very classy, I did those too. The wedding night story, too funny!

Beka said...

Oh man!!!
I...wow......what a story!!!
Holy crap.

Yeah, I wouldn't forget that memory very easily either!

Megan said...

OOOH heavens that story is brilliant..ESPECIALLY because you were in your wedding attire. AMAZING.

Collin and I packed (im just going to say it) a few KY bottles in out stuicases for our honeymoon...not really thinking straight...and got stopped at security...and there we stood..amongst tons of other people at LAX with the security guying opening our suitcase to see all of our..goodies..Collin of course tells him it is our honeymoon..and i overt eye contact..

believe it or not..they actually did not confiscate it.

Me said...

So jealous that you met Conan. That is all. :)

andrea said...

Okay, first of all, I love Friends and ohmygod I'm so jealous of you right now ughhhhhh.

And second of all...HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh, Joelle, I LOVE that y'all went to CVS like that! Hey, why the hell not, right? Y'all are such troopers. And you know what? I hope my wedding night is exactly the same (TBD, I'll keep you posted, haha).

Louba said...

Hee hee, great story :)

Jillian said...

hahah omg joelle-- this is HILARIOUS! i love that you both went in there, all decked out in your wedding gear. and that woman's marriage advice is priceless. good stuff. xoxo jcd

Tara said...

Hahahaha, I can just imagine wandering through the aisles of a drugstore all dressed up in your wedding dress... and I love how the employees felt the need to give you wedding advice!