The Kitchen

I think I'm going to start a new blog project today, and it goes a little something like this.

You all know of my obsession with my yellow house. I found a picture of this yellow house a few months ago {November?} and decided that someday I am going to live in it.

{Image courtesy of Country Living}

I love this house. It is everything I could imagine a house to be, minus the fact that it's currently in Texas. So, in my dream world, this house would be picked up and moved somewhere on California's Central Coast, preferably near the beach {though not directly on the beach} and surrounded by lots of green and trees.

Seriously, I daydream about this house. I daydream about how it would look inside and how beautiful our property would be. I daydream about my own personal garden that would be directly outside the French doors that lead from my office and the barn that we would have {without any animals in it, of course}.

I love to gather pictures about what my dream house would be like, and that brings me to the topic of this post, and the topic of {hopefully} a few more posts to come. Now, even if you own your own home {unlike myself}, I'm sure you still think about the perfect home and what it would look like for you and your family. This is my perfect home.

For the next few days/weeks, I'm going to post about each part of my perfect home. I'll show you what I envision in this beautiful yellow house. And I'm going to start with the most important room of all.

The Kitchen.

I love white. I love white cabinets and white couches and white walls and white carpet. Now, believe me, I understand the impossibility of things staying white with children, but hey. A girl can dream, can't she?

So obviously, the cabinets would be white. That's a given. And the floors would be a light wood, a very beachy feel for a beachy area {my house would have it's own walkway down to the beach}. And at the moment, I'm very interested in concrete countertops, such as these:

{Image courtesy of Pure Style Home}

I really like the industrial feel along with the softness of the white counters and walls. I've heard, however, that white concrete is very inexpensive and longlasting, it gets grungy easily, so I'm not so sure about how realistic these would be if I wanted to keep them for a long time. But I don't have to worry about that just yet. 

Along with my concrete countertops and white cabinets,  I love the look of open shelves rather than upper cabinets to house dishware. 

{Image courtesy of House Beautiful}

And, of course, I would have an island in the center of the kitchen. But not just any island. It would have to be beautiful, and have a butcher block, like this. 

{Image courtesy of Country Living}

And while we would have a formal living room, I would still want a little breakfast nook for us to eat informal dinners and do homework at.

Nathan Kipnis Architects, Inc. traditional kitchen
{Image courtesy of Nathan Kipnis Architects}

I really *really* love the idea of built-in bench seating and a table. It just seems so cozy and comfortable, perfect for a family. 

As for colors, I'm not really a fan of the above orange and green. I prefer soft neutrals and pops of yellow. Like the lemons in the bowl on the island above. I really love the idea of using fruit and food as decoration. 

It's really all about the accents though. Like pillows in this fabric for the bench:

{Image courtesy of The Needle Shop}

And a clock like this on the wall: 

{Image courtesy of DecoyLab}

So that's my kitchen. For now at least. I'm sure it will keep changing as time goes by and new trends come and go. 

Much love,


Louba said...

Kitchen heaven! I'm now dreamng about making cakes and having huge dinner parties :)

Megan said...

a. love your new blog-lift

b. our dream kitchens are twins.

Alisha said...

Charming and beautiful! :) Love all the elements. It will be a perfect home!

Beka said...

i heart this a LOT.
the white--i agree with you on....my mom dislikes white. um...she has 6 kids. heh;)
BUT. i still love white! so there. a girl CAN dream;)
the concrete counters--i totally loved this idea until i researched it several months ago. nice that it's inexpensive and sleek/industrial looking, but gosh would it kill the dinnerware and cups. just from my experience and all...even though and we don't have counters made from a natural substance, our neighbors do. and i have nightmares of what concrete --or marble, etc, would do to a cup innocently falling. dangit, i'm rambling. sorry, dear:)

i love the idea of color-popping in the accessories!

Joelle said...

Louba ~ Thanks! I definitely look forward to the day where I can cook and bake and entertain as much as I want...

Megan ~ Thanks friend :)

Alisha ~ Thanks! I hope the rest of my house turns out just as beautiful.

Beka ~ I've looked into concrete counters too, and I found that it's really not the best option. They're just so beautiful! As ironic as this might tough, I'll probably end up with some type of granite that *looks* like concrete haha.

Paula said...

Wow- beautiful pics and it is so relaxing feeling! :)