My Happy Hour Post

So, like I said yesterday, I'm doing things a little differently this week in regards to Happy Hour. Most of you saw my post yesterday about my new blog party, and this my own first Happy Hour post. Usually I will just write my post at the top of the blog party, but since I wanted to give you all fair warning about my plan, I wanted to give it to you yesterday so that you could think about it for a little while.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you how I came up with the concept. My husband and I always do something for Happy Hour on Fridays. We used to go out and get drinks and dinner, but lately we've been saving money by just doing it at home. He's been dabbling in bartending lately, and I have to say that he's really good! So, we get to drink without having to worry about who's driving, and I usually make something really easy for dinner {think frozen pizza, nachos, sloppy Joes}. It's just a great time to destress from the week and spend a little time together. I have no idea what we are eating tonight, but I think I might be in the mood for one of my husband's delicious margaritas.

This week has been so exhausting in so many ways. Don't get me wrong, it was a good week too, but it was just stressful and tiring and I am honestly glad that it's {almost} over.

Work has been slightly crazy these days...definitely one of the biggest stressors in my life. My company is going through some major changes and organization and everybody is confused...I'm not even really sure who my boss is anymore. A few weeks ago, I was given some new responsibilities, and I'm doing really well {thanks for the support everyone}, but I'm definitely looking forward to the day {hopefully soon} when there's more stability.

I took the Jeopardy test last night and I don't think I did very well...those questions are so hard! Much harder than the questions on the show. Last night's Jeopardy was so easy that I was really pumped to take the test, but there's just no way that I did well enough to get anywhere.

I've been feeling really sick lately too, and no, I'm not pregnant. I'm having some serious stomach issues and they are making life exceedingly difficult for me at the moment. I crawled into bed last night and almost cried because it hurt so bad. It was no fun. I'm getting some tests done next week, and as much as I want there to be nothing wrong, part of me hopes that they find something. Because if they find something, that means that they can {hopefully} fix it. So wish me luck.

As for the weekend, I'm really just looking forward to doing nothing. We have absolutely zero plans for tomorrow, and I'm very excited about that. Sunday we are celebrating Valentine's Day since I have class on Monday night. We've decided to stay in, but I have planned an amazing dinner of prime rib, potatoes, asparagus, and tiramisu. Yum!

So, there you have it. My very first Happy Hour post. I'm so excited to hear what all of you have to say, so make sure you link up in the post below this one!

Much love and Happy Weekend friends.


Jillian said...

joelle-- i loveee the idea of an at home happy hour :) we're always looking for ways to save some cash (we eat at home for the majority of our meals, but its fun to spice things up). i could def go for a marg right now :) i hope everything with the doctor goes well and they figure out what is going on wtih you! i have serious stomach issues too.. ah not fun. have a wonderful weekend! xoxo jcd

Rebekah said...

An at home Happy Hour sounds like fun! I hope that your stomach issues go away. My sister used to have lots of stomach issues and it was awful for her.

Megan said...

at home happy hour is where.it.is.at.

We leave to Barcelona tomorrow for the weekend. thank goodness.

I hope you feel better love!!

Joelle said...

Jillian - You should try the margarita recipe I posted. De-freaking-licious.

Rebekah - Thanks so much for the well-wishes! They mean so much to me. Stomach problems really are the worst, especially when they can't figure out what's wrong :)

Megan - So jealous. I don't know that I have anything else to say to you other than that.

Joelle said...

Aaaaand that :) for Rebekah was def supposed to be a :( Fail on my part.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you, i too had an exhausting week. nothing bad, just busy. my outlook calendar was just inundated with back to back meetings. i love the concept of happy hour, awesome idea!

Mrs. Bee said...

I would have such a hard time at work with changes and lack of stability and organization. Hang in there- it'll hopefully get better really soon! I'm so stoked for you that your husband has been learning to make yummy drinks! What a great and less expensive (and safe) way to try new things! Hope y'all have a wonderful time and a great weekend!


Jenna said...

Yum... that margarita recipe looks delish... I like the splsh of cranberry... will have to try it soon!

Stomach bugs are definitely no fun.. I had something like that at the beginning of the year and was constantly back and forth from the doctor, but they finally sorted it out. Hopefully they can fix your right from the get go.

Have a great weekend!
<3 Jenna

Beka said...

feel better soon, dear!
mmm, my goodness. tiramisu is one of my fav's!!