Happy Hour

I'd like to introduce my very first Happy Hour blog party. Instructions on how to join are below.
I've decided to post this on Thursday this week instead of Friday because it's new, and I don't want to surprise anybody with a new blog hop on the day that we are supposed to do it. So, if you want to participate and don't want to post now, the linky will be open until tomorrow {Friday} at midnight.

I will be posting my first Happy Hour post {other than this one, of course} tomorrow as well, so keep a look out!

*     *     *     *     *

We do happy hour all day on Fridays. Because it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

What are you drinking today?

Happy Hour is my weekly blog party, where we get to meet new friends, find new blogs to read, and destress from our week.  We're all busy ladies and sometimes we just need to get out with some friends, chat, and have a drink.

How to enter the party:
  1. Must be a follower of Love is Home to participate. If you aren't already a follower, just click that "follow" button over there to the right.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter. 
  3. Add your blog's information and button. 
  4. And you're done!
How to play:
  1. Write a post about anything you want to write about. Do you need to vent about a stressful week? It's okay, we all have them and that's what we're here for {because like my friend Andrea says, not everything is ohmygodilovesunshineandknitting!!!}. Vent away. Did you have a fantastic day? We want to hear about that too. Or do you have big plans for the weekend? You know what to do...
  2. Visit two other blogs linked below and leave a comment, saying that you are from {Where We Love} Happy Hour.
  3. Come back and leave a comment below telling us who you visited and any wonderful new blogs you found.
But there are some rules...
  1. Don't paste and run...that's not cool. And if you do, your link will be deleted.
  2. I thoroughly dislike "copy and paste" comments...you know, the ones that say "I'm a new follower from Happy Hour, I would love for you to follow back..." blah blah blah. Don't do it, please. I don't want to have to delete a link for doing that either. The purpose of this is to find new blog friends and support each other. We like authentic followers, ones that actually enjoy our blogs and aren't blindly following a bunch of blogs in hopes that they will gain more followers. 
And if you want, you are welcome to use one of my buttons in your post!

Much love friends,


Angel said...

What a great Idea! I will be linking up!

Kandy said...

Fabulous!!! Love this idea for a "blog hop party" =)

Rebecca said...

Never heard of a "Blog Hop" party before, it certainly intrigues me, count me in!

Anonymous said...

love this idea, i'm in! i enjoyed joining blog challenges because that's how i got to know really cool bloggers out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joelle - found you from 20sb. Cool idea! I checked out in Her Shows and Adventures with Bex. Always love seeing what other people have to say. Really liked Bex's v-day post. Overall, both uplifting blogs!

Jillian said...

joelle-- i already do a 'themed' friday thing, but i do talk about what im doing this weekend in my post :) going to check out some of the other posts now! xoxo jcd

Joelle said...

No worries Jillian, I'm just happy you're participating!


Jillian said...

good! i just stopped by 'in her shoes' and LOVED the converse ads, i have a pair but i cant wear them bc is so cold :( xoxo jcd

Rebecca said...

Just finished checking out pushing thirty and Her Shoes (these were the only ones up when I came on earlier ^_^) and they're both the kinds of blogs I enjoy - an insight into lives vastly different to my own. I love to read about people's memories, hopes, dreams, experiences etc. Deffinitely found two more to keep up to date with!

Anonymous said...

hey, i just visited pushing 30 and cornflake dreams. loved both sites. i'm at work right now, so i'm blog hopping on the down low! ha ha hopefully there will be more blogs later tonight to check out. thanks for hosting this again.

Krista said...

Hey, I just found your blog from the link you posted to this on 20sb, and now I'm following and linking up! I didn't write a specific post for this, because its almost the end of Friday in my time zone and I just found it (hope thats ok! Love the button though, can't wait to use it in the future!)

I visited In Her Shoes and Cornflake Dreams and left comments! Good ones - no self-promotional crap - I hate that too

Jillian said...

stopped by kristas blog-- alla florentina.. so jealous she lives in italy! loved her bike post, now following her blog!

have a wonderful weekend ladies! xoxo, jcd

Anonymous said...

stopped by alla florentina, love it! and she's from L.A., too! woohhoo!! i'm really loving this blog hop, happy hour version.