Things I Love...Shopping

So, as some of you know, I'm not shopping right now because of my Wear Everything challenge that I started at the beginning of the year. I'm still very proud to say that I have gone exactly forty-three days now without buying anything for myself. Well, at least clothes/shoes/accessories-wise. I think the only reason that I've been able to handle not shopping for almost a month and a half now is the hours that I've spent on websites like boutiques.com and shopstyle.com, looking at clothes that I love and putting together outfits. Here are a few things that I've come to love in these past forty-three days:
Left from top:
3. Dress: Aqua Maxi-Dress
I have never gotten anything from ModCloth.com, but I know that if I actually had money, I would buy my entire wardrobe from the online store.

And look at this beautiful jewelry I found by Marolsha on Etsy:
I think that when I'm done with my challenge, I might need to reward myself. And go shopping. Duh. 

What are you all into these days? Have you ever gotten anything from ModCloth? 

Much love and Happy Saturday!


Jillian said...

LOVE those striped shoes! good job with the challenge!! v impressive. i havent ever bought anything from ModCloth, im trying not to buy anything online (as one of my new years resolutions). i generally avoid online clothes shopping bc unless im familiar with the fit it usually doesnt end well....and returning packages is the worst. happy saturday :) xoxo jcd

Megan said...

Oh my gosh...those dresses from Mod Cloth are all amazing!! I have never even heard of them before, but I'm in love!! Congrats on going so long with your challenge and not shopping! Hooray!!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, those dresses! ADORABLE. What a great challenge. I don't know if I could ever do it! Good luck! =)

Krista said...

Stripes are my favorite! They're perfect for spring & summer, and they never go out of style

And I think I need to check out that etsy shop! Looks gorgeous

Anonymous said...

i was just starting to schedule a post about stripes. i love them, too. when i lived in l.a., it was a big no-no. as they say, it makes you look fat, but guess what? i'm not 21 anymore so i wear my stripes proud! love the outfits you picked!

Beka said...


Shalyn said...

How fun that you are doing that challenge! I know some girls who would save a TON of money doing that!

Love the stripes and polka dot prints!

Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing, love the Kate Spade Shoes, Blue Poka-dot dress and the Etsy site! It kills me not being in the US because I can't buy most of this stuff now... but I make start sending things to the parentals house and just bring it back with me next time I visit... in December :/

<3 Jenna

CarrieJo said...

I will most def. have to check out thy jewelry...I love it!