I Like Random.

Today's random.


We talked about shoes yesterday and it was fun. So I thought I would show you my shoes from today. Because they are my favorite shoes.

Only if you're interested, of course.

My toes are purple. 

Aren't they cute?

And, to make it even better, this is where I tell you about my amazing bargain skills. Because those shoes were originally $90 at Macys {Macys is my favorite. If you see me wearing something cute, I more probably got it at Macys}.

I got these shoes so very long ago {read: October} so I don't remember what all of the discounts were for, but I do remember that I ended up paying $30 for them. Yeah, I'm good like that.

I wish I had money to collect shoes. And I wish I had a closet to put them in. Like this one.

{images via Honey We're Home}

If you like home organization {or if you just like closets} you should check out Honey We're Home {if you haven't already, of course}. That closet makes me want to turn my second bedroom/office into my own personal closet.

So that's my random for today. I'll be back later to post something with a little more substance.

But before I go, I want to see your favorite shoes too! Post in the comments a link to a post that you've done about shoes. If you have one. If not, shoes are fun to talk about. So write one.

I think I need to make a disclaimer right now. I'm not shallow. I just like shoes. And closets. That's not a bad thing, is it?


Jillian said...

ha LOVE the disclaimer! theres nothing wrong with loving shoes :) i really like your black shoes, espadrilles are the best and the flowers are really sweet. im actually dying to wear tan moccasins i got for christmas...it's going to be a while tho the BLIZZARD we're experiencing. so sick of chicago weather :( im on the hunt for some brown sandles for summer tho... i just need to find a style i like. maybe ill check macys out. happy wednesday dear :) xoxo jcd

Joelle said...

Yes! Go to Macys! And while I don't know anything about being stuck in a blizzard, I am assuming that it would be the perfect opportunity to shop online. For shoes.

Or go to shopstyle.com. It's my favorite.


Megan said...

you are so materialistic Joelle.

hehe I joke.

I NEED that type of closet in my life. right.now.

and all the clothes that go in it..

because that closet would have no purpose right now with my limited wardrobe..


Joelle said...

That just means you need to go shopping Megan.

CarrieJo said...

i wish that i lived somewhere right now where my toes could show! keep rocking the purple...i really like that!

you are a girl after my own heart - I LOVE BARGAINS! sometimes it is hard not to buy something just because it is on sale!!! my motto that gets me in trouble - "can't afford not to!"

you are not shallow...just a girl with great fashion sense and grand dreams of an incredible closet!

and p.s. - i like random too!


Amanda said...

I totally understand love of shoes. Trust me. I LOVE SHOES. Except that I'm 5'8 so wearing cute heels makes me feel like a giant.

Joelle said...

CarrieJo - Um, that's definitely my life motto too. Thus the reason why my closet is too full and I am taking a break from shopping...

Amanda - You are beautiful and it doesn't matter how tall you are! Heels are for everyone :)

Anonymous said...

love the nail polish, it always screams go lakers for me! :) and closets, yes, love them. i'd be happy to live in one just like the one in the photo :) happy hump day!

andrea said...

CUTE shoes! I'm obsessed with wedges. And thanks for sharing the link to Honey We're Home! It's fantastic!!

Heather said...

What I wouldn't give for that closet! I love those shoes...wish I was wearing something open toed and cute instead of boots to keep me warm!

Beka said...

Indeed, no; liking shoes and closets is not a bad thing. ;)
I'm not such a shoe person, as in buying them, but I do love me a good pair of pumps in different colors. In reality, I have a brown pair and a black pair--black being used more often.

I love your shoes! I'm not very into wearing wedges myself; though I just remembered I have a pair like yours but black wedge and no adorable frilly thing on it.
And I really like your nail polish:)

Mrs. Bee said...

Those shoes are so amazingly cute- I love them- and thank goodness your toes were polished- I'm not a huge fan of the peep toe look with unpolished toe nails (but I won't judge those that do it, I'm just saying!) I think I would have a bigger obsession with shoes if I didn't have such an awkward size foot- 11W :( But I will live vicariously through your love for shoes and the photos you post :) Thanks!


Sarah said...

not a bad thing at all. luuurve those shoes!

Tara said...

Those shoes are great! And, I like your nail polish