{monday’s mantra}

Create Yourself

I think the more common saying is “find yourself,” but I don’t like that. I know who I am, and I know who I want to be. That isn’t to say that I want to change who I am fundamentally {like some people like to think}, but that I have goals that I’m working toward to help me reach my maximum potential as a person. There are times when I feel like, what’s the point? Why should I work on myself when I’m not happy with where my life is now? But then again, why not? Maybe I shouldn’t wait until I have my dream job to develop my professional goals. I should do that now, so that when I do have my dream job, I already have the habits in place that will allow me to succeed. And why should I wait until I live in my perfect home before working on my domestic skills. Again, a different way of thinking would be to work on these skills now so that I don’t have that trial and error period when I first move into my new home. And why shouldn’t I start really focusing on my fashion and sense of style, when I don’t have a fashion blog? I do want to focus on these things, because maybe, eventually, I will have a lifestyle blog that includes my own personal style because I did it now and not later.

For now, I want to work on creating myself, and my perfect life, even if my life isn’t perfect now. My goals allow me to reach my full potential as a human being. They don’t make me a completely different person, and I think that’s the distinction. So, this week, I’m focusing on creating myself. I’m focusing on finding the things that I truly love, developing the habits that I want for the rest of my life, and working toward the goals that will get me to where I really want to be.

So there. That’s this week’s mantra.

What’s your Monday’s mantra?

{Oh, and you like the glitter? There’s plenty more where that came from. I’ve decided that my life needs more glitter, and that includes this blog. Get ready, because it’s going to be fabulous.}

{Oh, and P.P.S. Don’t expect me to start posting “What I’m Wearing” posts now. But if you’re interested, I’m going to start recording my outfits on Instagram, and I’d love for you to follow along, if you’re interested.}


Jenna said...

So true - love this mantra! Something I need to remember more often :)

Hope you had a great weekend lady!


Betsy said...

I always think of it as tinsel and it makes me happy :)

Rachel said...

I adore your posts...always so uplifting and encouraging!

Lauren Margaret said...

Love this! And glitter, oh girl! I can't wait :)

Alisha said...

I love "find yourself" and "create yourself". Both are pretty darn awesome! Thanks for sharing, friend. That's a pretty damn good mantra too!

Happy Monday, friend!

Sarah said...

So great! Go glitter or go home, right? :)

My mantra today:
"And what a beautiful mess this is/ it's like taking a guess when the only answer is yes" - Jason Mraz

Have a great week ahead, lady.

Susan said...

I know exactly what you mean Joelle. I'm at kind of a turning point in my life as far as my career and I'm defining my style, knowing who my real friends are and deciding where I want to work and "start" my life. Creating myself should be my mantra for the year!

Sydney said...

excellent way to start the week! Good for you! Kudos for getting some self awareness and making a conscious choice to live your life the way you want to live it. Kudos friend!

Stephanie said...

I love this! I've never thought about it as creating yourself, but that's totally what it is! Thanks for bringing this to light for me! I'm off to continue creating myself! :)

Christianna said...

This. Is. Awesome!