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First of all, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the comments and emails from this post. I guess we all feel insecure at times, and you all have no idea how much better I feel knowing that I have the support and love that I get from each and every one of you. Life isn’t always easy, but I’m trying to make of it what I can, and I intend to make it.

This weekend was alright, I suppose. I had a bad reaction to the medication they gave me for my root canal, so Friday was spent passed out in bed. Not a great start to the weekend. Saturday I went down to a cute little restaurant in Toluca Lake called Sweetsalt, where I met Heather from Twig and Twine. She’s such a sweetheart, and I’m so jealous that she gets to be a part of the Cream event next week! I ended up falling asleep at 9:00 on Saturday night after finally finishing the second season of Downton Abbey.

Sunday was spent apartment hunting, splitting a burger at Red Robin with the husband, and lamenting about my not-so-perfect life. But really, who’s life is really perfect?

It’s all made me realize that blogs allow us to present ourselves as the people we want to be. Not all of us have the happiest marriages {though I’m pretty content with mine}, the prettiest wardrobe, or the nicest apartment. We share what we want to share, and nobody knows the whole story except for those closest to us. And I’m tired of trying so hard to present myself as perfect, because Lord knows I’m not. I’m me, and I think you’ll see that a bit more on the blog these days.

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This week is going to be tough, but I’ll get through it. Here’s what’s on my mind ::

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Anonymous said...

The images are beautiful and suit perfectly your post. Nobody's life is 100% perfect. We show what we want to show here and often I look back and think all is not entirely true.
We are imperfect, our lives would need some changes, we are not always doing everything we can to be better, we have weaknesses and all of this is fine. But sometime we prefer to hide these things so we are seen as Fabulous!

Take care my dear. This blog is a special treat for me, I always enjoy my visits.
So keep writing and stay true to yourself. xo

Jenna said...

Nobody is perfect, and yes all (or at least most) bloggers try to present themselves at their best on their blogs which I think is a completely natural thing to do.

Still, I think you're right, and I think it's really important to try and be honest and bring up personal or sensitive issues on the blog. More often than not, most others will feel the way you do and get relief from the fact that someone else can identify with what they're also going through.

And, if it makes you feel any better, the past year I've seriously looked up to have much progress you've made in terms of starting a new business from scratch and putting yourself out there. When you stop and look at yourself today as compared to where you were a year ago, I'm sure you've grown exponentially. Keep growing and never give up because you've got loads and loads of talent :)


thom.r said...

Do you happen to know what medication they gave you? Did you complain after having that reaction? Thanks.
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Geoff Granfield said...

Hey girl, I'm sorry to learn about you passing out on your root canal medications. What were you taking? If I may recommend the same meds my myrtle beach dentists gave me for my root canal, I would be glad to share it with you. Cheers!