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I recently saw an article by Bride Finds about the 10 wedding trends they are SO {really, so is in caps in the post title} over in 2012. Some were spot on, in my opinion, but some were way off. Bridal Circle even tried defending them to me {via Twitter}, telling me that “writing your own vows”, which is on their list, only meant those couples who writes their own vows and reads them off their phones. That, in fact, is tacky. But writing your own vows and reading them off of an old fashioned piece of paper? Notsomuch.

Trends come and go, that’s a fact of life. Everyone will look back at their wedding and see something that dates it, whether it’s the tangerine color scheme {hello, Pantone color of the year 2012}, mustache props, or ombre cake. It happens, and that’s okay. I firmly believe that weddings should be a reflection of where a couple are at that point in their lives at that time. Times change, people change, and in ten years you can have a vow renewal that reflect new trends. It’s as easy as that.

So, in the spirit of trends, I thought that I would present some of the trends that I love most right now, even if they will be “outdated” by the end of the year.


Luckily, the trendiest flower right now happens to be a beautiful one. Let’s hope that peonies are the next rose, because really, roses never go out of style.


Alternative Wedding Food

I’m not just choosing this one because I had an alternative food at my wedding. I’m choosing this one as  a guest, who has had one too many meals of dry chicken breasts and potatoes.


Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Again, I’m saying this as someone who has been a bridesmaid in the past. Your bridesmaids will thank you if you let them choose their own dress {within a set of strict guidelines, of course}.



I’ve seen this as a trend that people are sick of, and all I can say is, really? If it’s something that your grandmother had at her wedding, I think that goes in the category of classic, rather than trend. On the other hand, your mother, who got married in the eighties? Not so much.


Cathedral Length Veils

This is something that was on Bride Finds’ list of trends that they were over. I , on the other hand, can’t get enough of cathedral length veils. They weren’t popular when I got married, but I so wish they were. There is just something so elegant and classy about them, not to mention beautiful.


What trends are you over, and what do you hope won’t go away?

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Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I love peonies. I wanted them for my bouquet, but I couldn't get them due to the time of year. There was a chance, but it would have cost $20+ per peony. Way to expensive :( Fr or wedding, we had I guess what you could call alternative wedding food. We had a local well known restaurant cater it. We had pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, and stuff like that. It was so much better than the fancy schmancy food people tend to get (in my opinion). I'm digging the mismatched bridesmaid look.

Christianna said...

I love fun food at weddings! One of my besties just got married and they had a breakfast foods! They had a cereal bar and breakfast burrito type things!

Also miss matched brides maid dresses are the best idea ever! I sometimes even love when nothing about them matches.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i agree with you-- even if it's wayy overdone it shouldnt matter if the bride and groom love something and want it at their wedding. we'll have peonies, poppies, mis-matched bridesmaid dresses, a photobooth, mini pies, donuts and late night food.. AND i cannot wait!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Love love love peonies! I wish I had traded in some of the roses at my wedding for peonies *sigh*

One thing I just can't get on board with is the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Some pictures like the one above they don't even look that much like bridesmaids and just random guests at a wedding. I'm all for the bride picking a color and a length and telling the girls to find a dress, but sometimes the picking your own dress goes too far. I just made sure to pick several dresses and had my girls narrow down the ones they liked and let me know which ones they didn't like. We narrowed it down to 2 and I made the final decision.

Smidge said...

Popped over to link up again, but can't find the link this week?

I love peonies, lace and mismatched dresses. I will be going for one colour but different styles as my bridesmaids are all different. I think it will look better than forcing them into one dress.

Eliza said...

I agree with you! We had BBQ served at our reception, and it was such a huge hit with the guests. I definitely think it's important to go with what you love NOW, because like you said, there will be time in the future to celebrate what you have become! xoxo

Amanda said...

I love the mismatched bridesmaids look! So fun and can make all of your bridesmaids look amazing in different dresses.

PS - I absolutely love lace!!!

Stop by sometime, I'd love to hear what you think about my Valentine's Recap!


Sar said...

Who doesn't love lace?! Holy moly. Also, that whole blog post basically seemed to bash any wedding tradition the writer is annoyed of seeing, and a whole lotta hate. So sad, when you become that jaded about other people's ceremonies of love.

In other news, you're awesome.

Jenna said...

I literally love all of these trends. And I don't understand why anyone would try and tell you something you like shouldn't be in your wedding just because it isn't "trendy" anymore.

If you love lace, wear lace! :)

Love the contemporary food and mismatched dresses as well!


Sarah said...

I've definitely got peonies and lace in my upcoming wedding! Classy never goes out of style!

Nikki said...

I love lace details at weddings. It's just so romantic. It's funny how trends come and go. For our wedding I'm trying to stay as classic as possible so that even in 20 years when I look at our wedding photos I will not be completely embarrassed by my choices :)

Emily Hope said...

I love the mismatched bridesmaid dresses - if I had a bridal party {or did it all again} I would do this.

Nicole Rene said...

Trend shmend. I work at a bridal shop & I always tell a bride to wear what she wants. And who cares if someone thinks she's wearing too much bling, or a too long of veil. Everyone might be looking at them but what really matters is that the day is exactly how they want it to be & that they & their husband is happy! :) Love your wedding wednesday posts!