{virtual coffee}

It’s been a while, but it’s time for {virtual coffee}. Sorry I didn’t do my mantra yesterday, but I thought I would just add it into today’s post. I’d like to say that this weekend was great, and there were definitely some great parts, but I feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment. Which is kind of ironic, since I chose this week’s mantra last week.


Another year older, another year wiser…

Another year happier.

This is saying a lot coming from someone who has struggled with happiness her whole life. But in this past year, I realized something big. Something, as cheesy as it sounds, life changing. You want to know my secret?

Happiness is a choice.

Again, this sounds like it might be hypocritical, but the sad days, for me, are a lot fewer and farther between than they were a year ago. There are some things that I can’t change, and I know I won’t be happy all the time. But for the things that I can change, I am committed to choosing things that only make me happy.

*     *     *     *     *

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve caught the fever and I don’t know what to do with myself.


*     *     *     *     *

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I did had a great weekend with friends and family, celebrating my birthday. I got a lot of great presents {more than I deserved}, in the form of teacups, books, DVDs, dresses {one of which has navy stripes}, and a pretty bowl. I’m a lucky girl.

My brother, who doesn’t drink wine, even agreed to go wine tasting with us on Sunday. It was a great time, and I only lost $40 at the casino that we stopped at on the way home!

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*     *     *     *     *

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Something Charming is accepting sponsors for March! If you’re interested, email me!


Anonymous said...

i love downtown abby!

Christianna said...

Oh man, "Downton" is my very favorite right now! I watch a lot of shows, but this is something new and brilliant! I'm so glad that you've joined us all.

Miss Samantha said...

I totally agree with you that happiness is a choice :)
...and Downton Abbey is really amazing! I absolutely loved every single episode! xx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a fabulous Birthday Joelle, one day late!
I agree happiness is a choice and I am glad to see you step into it.

Have a lovely week!

Unpublished Life said...

Happy birthday for the weekend, Joelle!

Happiness is a decision we make, and to realise it is okay not to be happy all the time. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be happy and it just makes us miserable, because no one can live up to that expectation.

The best we can do is cherish our friends and our family and be thankful for all the good things in our lives:)


Jenna said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your weekend was as fun filled as it sounds - wine tasting is always a great idea in my book - and so is Chumash ;)


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i abosolutely agree with you! i believe you decide to be happy or not-- to focus on the positives or not. i am so happy you had a great birthday weekend! xoxo

Torie said...

I love this virtual coffee idea, I might have to do something similar on my blog soon! I have yet to catch the Downton Abbey bug... I'm avoiding it like the plague, I can't afford to become obsessed with something else right now, haha. I'm glad you had an awesome time! Wine tasting, that sounds fantastic! :)