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So now that you all know how much I love fall, and why, be prepared for quite a few fall posts in the next few months. I’m thinking that the next few Fridays might be dedicated to Five Things for fall, and I’m definitely going to be sharing my fall bucket list soon, probably next week. But this week is dedicated to fall and food, two of my very favorite things.

Five Things

1 // Pumpkin bread is always a must for the season, and I will make it multiple times. Definitely trying this version of pumpkin cream cheese bread this year!

2 // What would fall be without apples? And we can’t forget about breakfast, of course!

3 // A few years ago my in laws made the most amazing pumpkin soup to go along with Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I should try it, and this recipe from the Kitchn looks just delicious

4 // One of my very favorite dinners to make during the fall is butternut squash pasta. It’s so simple, yet so yummy. I typically serve it with a salad that has goat cheese and pecans and cranberries on it. Can’t wait to make it for the first time!

5 // I do love caramel apples {especially caramel apple martinis}, and these ones are just adorable!

What are your favorite fall foods?


Stesha said...

so yummy, these are my fav 5 foods now too!


megan said...

Just bookmarked the pumpkin cream cheese bread & pumpkin soup. YUM!

Caitlin C. said...

Why have I never made butternut squash pasta?! This is definitely coming into my life this fall. Thank you!

Liz Kantner said...

All of these things look delicious! I definitely want to make butternut squash pasta and can't wait to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins!

Allyson Butler said...

These all look so good!

Treasure Tromp said...

I'm going to need to try that butternut squash pasta!

Brittany Messner said...

Oh goodness, these all look truly wonderful! And I fully agree, butternut squash pasta is the BOMB! With sage too...mm mm mmmmmm :)

xx -b.

Rachel said...

This makes me so excited for fall!

Life Unsweetened

Megan Ann said...

This just got me super jazzed for fall! I love your blog, following you!

xo, Megan

indie flower

Hilary said...

I am also in love with fall right now. Thank you for all this great inspiration to get in the kitchen and whip up some tasty fall meals! I'm so happy I ran into your blog!