{monday’s mantra}

I’ve been having some issues these days with the idea of being perfect. I thought I’d given up my {detrimental} perfectionist tendencies in college, but they’re definitely coming back at full force now. I was feeling as if I need to be perfect in every area: my home life, my business, my social life. It was getting to be overwhelming, and this weekend I finally realized what exactly I was doing to myself.

And then it occurred to me.


My life is amazing, even if it isn’t perfect. I need to stop working toward the goal of perfection, and just focus on making myself happy. Once I accepted that, my weekend got a whole lot better.

What’s your mantra this week?


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

LOVE this post/mantra!!
It can't be a bad thing that us perfectionist often strive for perfection... it's only when our expectations are often disappointed that we need to realise that often our idea of perfect is not realistic!!

Wonderful is way better than perfect (and often we look back in time, and it was actually perfect!!)

Have a WONDERFUL week Joelle x

Nikki said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment! I came by to check you out and today's post was exactly what I needed!! I've fallen back into my perfectionist, too hard on myself tendancies lately too. We're pretty wonderful the way we are!! Can't wait to read more :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love this! I have been struggling with the same thing lately - especially trying on clothes for our engagement photos. I know everything will be find, but I was on a mission to make everything perfect.

...when in reality this whole thing is about being in love and getting married to my best friend. Life may not be perfect, but it sure is amazing!

Thanks for this pick-me-up today. Can't tell you enough about how badly I needed to hear it! xo

Stephanie said...

This is so true. I've been going through the same thing for the past year or so - or pretty much my whole life.

This quote is absolutely fitting. Perfect, really.

I hope you have a great day!

Sarah said...

My mantra is, "Be patient with my boss." haha I like yours. It falls along the lines of appreciate what you have and what you have done and do!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

i love this, joelle! thank you thank you... just what i needed today!

Megan Ann said...

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the reminder. My mantra Monday-Friday is "Keep CALM and CARRY on"- ha ha, it's how I get through the work week! :)

xo, Megan

indie flower

ashley nicole catherine said...

love love love love love. i struggle with this exact thing. which is why i framed the "grace not perfection" print and put it in my office!