{home sweet home: the kitchen}

So, a few developments since my last post about our future home: it isn’t happening for a while. Unfortunately, rent is going way, way, up right now. Like, $300 higher since the end of the year. And since we aren’t entirely sure what Robert will be doing over the summer, it seems really irresponsible to try and move right now when we don’t know what our income will be like in a few months. So, we’re going to wait. We haven’t yet decided if we will sign a 6 month lease or go month to month, but we won’t be moving at the end of April like we’d hoped.

Looks like my washer and dryer are going to have to wait…

But, just because we aren’t moving doesn’t mean I can’t dream about my future home. Out top picks for apartments for next month are the same picks even if we wait until October to move. Which means that I can still plan and design my new home.


Now, as picky as I am about the look of my kitchen, there isn’t much we can change when we move in. What you see is basically what you get. In my perfect world, and in the future home where I can design everything, it would have white cabinets and wood counters, like above. I can’t guarantee that’s what this apartment’s kitchen will look like, but that’s okay. I can decorate in other ways.

The Kitchen

I’m lucky enough to actually own  my own Scarlett like the one up there, and you best believe she’s the only reason there is any red in my kitchen. I bought the mixer in red on impulse, but I’m glad I did. It gives my otherwise bland kitchen some character. And since Robert really wants a teapot, I thought the red one above would be another great touch of color.

Computers and iPads and smart phones are everywhere these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my cookbook collection.  And as a big fan of Joy the Baker, I still really want her cookbook.

I might not be able to choose my cabinets, but I can definitely get an island that fits my vision. This one is perfect, with the white legs and wood top, and the wood cutting board next to it would go perfectly as well.

And, of course, there are the details. I love the slight industrial feel that the pot rack and clock give, and aren’t those jars adorable! I want them for my kitchen now…

So, what do you think? What would your dream kitchen look like?


Anonymous said...

Fabulous ideas! I dream of a kitchen like this Joelle.........really a kitchen where I have space to cook!
Love your ideas!

Sorry you can't move as planned, but in the meantime you can look and see how you'd like your new place to be..surely it's for the best!
Patience my dear.

marissa at the boot said...

i really, really want wood countertops and white cabinets too! i love the clean look but the wood gives it a touch of homeyness don't you think? :)

his little Lady said...

oh gosh, VERY in love with the kitchen, from the wood floors to the little red door down below. swoon worthy!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Target currently has a sale on the Kitchenaid mixers, and it makes me want to buy one so badly.

I'm sorry you won't get to move when you planned, but I think you are very smart to wait until the timing is better!

Eliza said...

Such great choices! I can't wait to get my hands on a Kitchen Aid mixer...choosing a color is harder than saving for it! I'm doing a similar series on my blog with wishes and hopes for our next place...thankfully, we'll be moving in somewhere in July...that is, if we can find a place that fits our list! I'm pretty over community laundry...a washer and dryer of my own is at the top of my list! xoxo, e
P.S. I hope rent prices dip back down and you two find the perfect place! <3