{home sweet home: the living room}

Last week, I showed you what I would do to our new bedroom if we had unlimited resources and unlimited freedom to do with our rental space what we wanted. You probably already knew that I am a fan of white furniture, simple d├ęcor, and comfortable living spaces, so the style of our my dream living room should be no surprise.


I would bring the same light and neutral colors from the bedroom, out into our living room. And while I doubt Robert would appreciate if I decorated our living room with pink curtains, there are plenty of elements in the photo above that I do admire and would love to bring into my home.

Living Room

Regardless of whether or not we have carpet or wood flooring in our living room {I refuse to have tile}, I would want an area rug. Rugs really bring the entire space together and make it cohesive. I love the blues and browns in the rug above, and it would go perfectly with the soft color palette that I’ve chosen.

We bought our practical, tan, micro suede couches nearly two years ago, but I so wanted a white slipcovered sofa, like the one I chose above. Granted, we didn’t have a dog back then, and now I am glad we got the couches we chose, but a girl can dream, right?

I love mirrored furniture, but too much can definitely be a little overwhelming. A lamp, however, brings the sophisticated touch of the mirrored look to a room without making it too much.

That gold coffee table is basically my dream coffee table right now. We do have a beautiful antique coffee table that belonged to my grandmother, but I can’t say I wouldn’t give it back to my parents if I could have that one above.

And what would a living room be without a few details, like a pretty pillow, a few pieces of art, and even some coffee table books.

What do you think? What would your dream living room look like?

{I’m currently on my way to Chicago, so I won’t be able to answer comments for a while. But, if you’d like, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram while I’m there!}


MarieHarmony said...

You have amazing ideas Joelle! This is awesome.
Enjoy your trip to Chicago dear. xo

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

Love this room! The colors are gorgeous!

Christianna said...

So pretty and simple!

Miss Samantha said...

i love the pinks and greys in the first picture -- they work so well together and look so serene. i am currently on the hunt for some pillows to brighten up my living room and i really like the one you've picked out here :) xx

Natalie Cottrell said...

Fantastic inspiration image! I love how you're reimagined it to make it more guy-friendly. (I've already decided that I'm going to claim the guest room of a future home to decorate so that I can have at least one space to carry out my feminine design whims. Haha.) Excited to have found your blog! :)

Liesl said...

Love the simple elegance of this room! :)

daniellaprice30 said...

It's so nice to bond with your family on the living room in front of the television. We used to play cards too in front of our fireplace and that reminds me that I need to get some chimney cleaning services because winter is about to come.